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Radio Mystery Theater Episode Guide
Date Episode Title Plot Rating
1974-01-06 0001 Old Ones Are Hard to Kill (The)

An old lady rents a room to a sick boarder. She runs into problems with his strange deathbed... 3.2
1974-01-07 0002 Return of the Moresbys (The)

A husband kills his wife for donating all their money. Now, he is certain that she has been... 2.8
1974-01-08 0003 Bullet (The)

An accident kills a man but he is made to return to Earth to trade places with the fated... 3.4
1974-01-09 0004 Lost Dog

A husband cannot appreciate his wife's phobia of dogs. Once he gets one home, his wife sets it... 3.2
1974-01-10 0005 No Hiding Place

The would-be CEO of his father-in-law's corporation is threatened with the revelation of a... 3.2
1974-01-11 0006 Honeymoon with Death

Her husband disappears after their return from the honeymoon and the young wife's sister... 3.3
1974-01-12 0007 I Warn You Three Times

A daring attempt to clear their car windows during a snowstorm leads to the mysterious... 3.5
1974-01-13 0008 Cold Storage

A man finds out that his believed to be dead mother is still living and unleashes a... 3.5
1974-01-14 0009 Death Rides a Stallion

An old flame torments a playboy after her death in a horse riding accident. 3.3
1974-01-15 0010 Resident (The)

A move from the countryside to town leaves a retired lady prey to a cat named Evil and a young... 3.2
1974-01-16 0011 Accounts Receivable

Burdened with the responsibility of his sick father who has been recently released from jail,... 3
1974-01-17 0012 You Can Die Again

A husband believes himself culpable for the murder of his wife. He is also convinced of his... 3.2
1974-01-18 0013 Ring of Roses (A)

A trip to the country to visit a friend turns nightmarish as a couple comes across a small... 3.2
1974-01-19 0014 Girl Who Found Things (The)

A young girl with criminal tendencies is taken by a couple who discover her peculiar talent... 3.6
1974-01-20 0015 Chinaman Button (The)

A perfectly anonymous murder offers the opportunity to earn a fortune for a man in dire... 3.9
1974-01-21 0016 Dead for a Dollar

Two cheated men plan the murder of the trader who swindled them. Unbeknownst to them, somebody... 3.5
1974-01-22 0017 Very Old Man (A)

A wizened man has clairvoyance abilities and even relieve physical suffering with a simple... 3.1
1974-01-23 0018 And Nothing but the Truth

A young investigator guesses at the facts of a hit-and-run case and believes the convict to be... 3.4
1974-01-24 0019 Deadly Honeymoon

A honeymoon turns nightmarish as a woman realises her husband to be culpable of the murders of... 3.2
1974-01-25 0020 Speak of the Devil

A pre-wedding spiritual seance leads to a young woman being tortured by a demon. 3.4
1974-01-26 0021 Ring of Truth (The)

A tortured story about a father's coercion to get his daughter to testify against her beloved... 3.6
1974-01-27 0022 Time and Again

A clockmaker comes across a mysterious clock that can give him an additional hour every day.... 3.4
1974-01-28 0023 Three Women

A writer is pressed by his publisher to alter the ending of his book in order to take fuller... 3.3
1974-01-29 0024 Man Who Heard Voices (The)

Can euthanasia ever be completely willed by the sufferer? A well-respected lawyer's life is... 3.2
1974-01-30 0025 Mother Love

An unusual favor and $6000 are all a fortune teller needs to grant the wish of a desperate... 3.5
1974-01-31 0026 Man Who Asked for Yesterday (The)

A man is murdered by his wife. After death, he wishes to be granted the chance to live the... 3.5
1974-02-01 0027 Dead Ringer

A woman accidentally comes across a dead ringer for her husband. She decides to enlist his... 3.2
1974-02-02 0028 Ghostly Game of Death (A)

A prospective buyer for an ancient dwelling recruits the services of a ghost hunter to get rid... 3.4
1974-02-03 0029 Sign of the Beast (The)

An arrogant archaeologist disregards tribal customs and extends praise. But her motives are... 3.7
1974-02-04 0030 Here Goes the Bride

The ghost of a former wife killed under intriguing conditions reveals herself to the new bride... 3.3
1974-02-05 0031 Lady Was a Tiger (The)

A femme fatale double agent frames an unemployed reporter for homicide in Paris. 3.3
1974-02-06 0032 After the Verdict

An upcoming attorney discovers to his dismay that the man he acquitted of homicide is indeed... 3.2
1974-02-08 0033 Conspiracy to Defraud

The hero is a federal detective sent to France in order to track down heroin supplies. The... 3.3
1974-02-09 0034 Deadly Hour (The)

A self-doubting man is nearly driven to insanity by the infidelity of his wife and stops... 3.5
1974-02-10 0035 Dead Man's Mountain

An architect with a strange passion to create a cursed mountain. Any who attempt to climb it... 3.3
1974-02-12 0036 Dream of Death (A)

Reincarnation beliefs of a college professor are accompanied by the dread of having broken an... 3
1974-02-13 0037 Dig Me Deadly

Archaeology students dig out an ancient decomposed corpse of a woman attached to a skeleton... 3.5
1974-02-14 0038 Under Grave Suspicion

A bitter fight between a couple. A sea side cottage. And turbulent weather that threatens to... 3.3
1974-02-16 0039 Lady Never Loses Her Head (A)

An American lady marries a blue-blooded British man and arrives at his manor house. There she... 3.1
1974-02-17 0040 Walking Corpse (The)

An unfortunate American couple is caught up in a coup by a Banana Republic despot who intends... 3.4
1974-02-18 0041 Blizzard of Terror

A bitter couple gets caught up in a deadly storm and seek shelter in a remote cabin. But there... 3.7
1974-02-19 0042 Sea Fever

A fearsome captain of the seas inflicts the ultimate punishment for people who even dare to... 3.2
1974-02-21 0043 Walls of Jericho (The)

A modest attender at a men's club discovers his extraordinary gift of bringing characters to... 3.2
1974-02-22 0044 Horla (The)

Maupassant's classic story about a man obsessed and terrorized by a presence that engulfs him.... 3.3
1974-02-24 0045 Horse That Wasn't for Sale (The)

Hereditary equestrian passion notwithstanding, a woman has to put up her horses for sale after... 3.1
1974-02-26 0046 Edge of Death (The)

A farmer can't do anything but watch helplessly as his wife is slowly consumes by an undefined... 3.4
1974-02-28 0047 Choice of Witnesses (A)

The tables are turned on a seasoned blackmailer as his past victims team up to create a deadly... 3.6
1974-03-02 0048 Out of Sight

A superstitious astronaut believes their space flight to be cursed due to her very presence.... 3.3
1974-03-03 0049 Prognosis Negative

A mentally disturbed soldier is recruited by a fake medium to take her game to the next level.... 3
1974-03-04 0050 This Will Kill You

Negative reviews can get you into trouble - especially if the book under review is written by... 3.2
1974-03-05 0051 Long Time to Die (A)

The grass is never greener on the other side and swapping lives is a dangerous practice.... 3.1
1974-03-06 0052 Sending (The)

Innocent co-eds at a college get their souls sold to the demon by their professor. Black magic... 3.6
1974-03-07 0053 Creature from the Swamp (The)

A man lets himself into more trouble than bargained for when he rescues a woman from a swamp... 3.4
1974-03-11 0054 Thing in the Cave (The)

Every uncharted cavern has its own pasts and mysterious. Two couples get trapped in one with... 3.3
1974-03-12 0055 Sacrifice in Blood (A)

An archaeologist might come to regret their decision when they adopt a boy found in an... 3.1
1974-03-13 0056 Little Night Murder (A)

All promises should not be kept. A serial killer stalks town women to fulfill his childhood... 3.8
1974-03-14 0057 Fall of the House of Usher (The)

The evergreen horror tale by Edgar Allan Poe tells the story of a heir driven insane by the... 3.4
1974-03-18 0058 Sea of Troubles

A trans-Atlantic voyage on a ship is also the scene of a murder conspiracy where a man enlists... 3.1
1974-03-19 0059 Frankenstein Revisited

The 400th anniversary coverage of Baron Von Frankenstein might just be a bad idea for a news... 2.9
1974-03-20 0060 Ghost at the Gate (The)

A ghostly, two-timing tale of romance where a man continues his affair with his wife and his... 3.2
1974-03-21 0061 Ordeal by Fire

A millionaire and his daughter are subjected to third degree burns when they refuse to pay a... 3.1
1974-03-25 0062 Diary of a Madman (The)

This namesake of the famous Nikolai Gogol story deals with the confession of a magistrate to... 3.4
1974-03-26 0063 Death by Whose Hands

Set nearly a hundred years back, this story is about a prosthetic surgeon's transplant of the... 3.1
1974-03-27 0064 It's Simply Murder

A hen-pecked wimp fantasizes about running away from his despotic wife. Unwittingly, one... 3.5
1974-03-28 0065 Unearthly Gift (The)

A modest lumberjack camp cook has the gift of clairvoyance, but her visions don't always... 3
1974-04-01 0066 Black Cat (The)

A hasty marriage for wealth is rued by a man who finds both his wife and her cat repulsive. He... 3.1
1974-04-02 0067 Pharoah's Curse (The)

A treasure hunt in an Egyptian tomb becomes a nightmare as an archaeologist and a singer... 3.2
1974-04-03 0068 Die! You're on Magic Camera

A young photographer discovers a strange camera that can photograph incidents yet to happen.... 3.7
1974-04-04 0069 Thing Inside (The)

A couple buy a curious paper weight made from glass in a curio store. The artist husband soon... 3.4
1974-04-08 0070 Locked Room (The)

The bride's mother plays villain in the life of a newly wed couple. She is convinced the boy... 3.3
1974-04-09 0071 Murder Museum (The)

A wax museum made especially for infamous criminals is an eerie concept. Things become creepy... 3.1
1974-04-10 0072 Out of Focus

An advertising professional makes futile attempts to take the pictures of a beautiful model as... 3
1974-04-11 0073 Strange Company

A wealthy aged woman is terrorized by invisible visitors. Her hard-hearted nephew and his wife... 3.3
1974-04-15 0074 Only the Dead Remember

Two decades is a small time for Korean war veterans as they come together to plot the murder... 3.4
1974-04-16 0075 Men Without Mouths

A gangster adopts the daughter of a dead comrade and sees her off faithfully until her happy... 3.3
1974-04-17 0076 Horror Within (The)

A young man turns religious after the death of his beloved and seeks the power to forestall... 3.3
1974-04-18 0077 Portrait of Death (A)

A man suddenly achieves the power to become a great painter. But all his subjects seem to meet... 3.3
1974-04-22 0078 Wishing Stone (The)

A young girl believes an angel gave her a wishing stone. But her wishes don't turn out quite... 3.2
1974-04-23 0079 Ghost Driver (The)

A driver killed the proprietors of a country inn. Now his ghost is after the present... 3.8
1974-04-24 0080 Hand (The)

A postal surprise in the form of a human hand leaves a man convinced of its apocalyptic... 3.4
1974-04-25 0081 Sunset to Sunrise

A daughter remembers how her mother turned into a vampire. 3.5
1974-04-29 0082 All Living Things Must Die

A lonely woman is left with just the houseplants for her company under the rules of her... 3.5
1974-04-30 0083 Venus d'Ile (The)

Venus has always been a tricky, tempestuous goddess for those who are aware of mythology. An... 3.1
1974-05-01 0084 Death Bell (The)

Family genealogy research gets a man into trouble with the IRA who believe he is from the... 3.2
1974-05-02 0085 Dracula

The classic Bram Stoker tale retold. A young girl is progressively being drained of her... 3.3
1974-05-06 0086 Murder with Malice

An attempted patricide by the son who tries to hypnotize his sister to carry out the actual... 3.2
1974-05-07 0087 Suicide Club (The)

Russian roulette, anyone? A high stake gambler finds the game getting the better of him as his... 3.5
1974-05-08 0088 Breaking Point (The)

A thought projection experiment takes a deadly turn as a scientist takes an extreme step and... 2.9
1974-05-09 0089 Tiny Drop of Poison (A)

A charming politician hides her dark part as a hippie radical and a murderer. But her game... 3.4
1974-05-13 0090 Lodger (The)

A boarding lodge matron lives in fear due to a series of cruel killings of women in the... 3.5
1974-05-14 0091 Voices of Death

The apparition of a dead producer Peter Truro returns to haunt the actor Jason Phillips... 3
1974-05-15 0092 Forever Man (The)

A luckless man is offered every material comfort in the world through free cars, houses and... 3.4
1974-05-16 0093 Trouble with Ruth (The)

Despite her best attempts, a kleptomaniac falls back into her old ways and is found out by... 3.2
1974-05-20 0094 Crack in the Wall (The)

A house fire claims the life of the young daughter of the house. Her bereft parents move to a... 3.4
1974-05-21 0095 Longest Knife (The)

A mother makes a promise to avenge her son who has been murdered by a third world dictator. 3.1
1974-05-23 0096 Bleeding Statue (The)

A magician disappoints his heirs by leaving his properties with his daughter and also promises... 3.3
1974-05-27 0097 Mirror for Murder

A bored wife is tired of her menagerie chores and her husband's job priorities. She starts to... 3.3
1974-05-29 0098 Phantom Lullaby (The)

The caring parents of a young woman rent her a luxurious house to recuperate from a bitter... 3.1
1974-05-30 0099 Dressed to Kill

An unemployed actor plans a bizarre drama of enacting his own death and consequently... 3.3
1974-06-03 0100 To Kill with Confidence

While traveling across the country, a couple of newlyweds are forced to stop at a nearby town... 3.3
1974-06-04 0101 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

To escape an appointment with the gallows at Owl Creek Bridge, a confederate spy embarks on a... 3.1
1974-06-06 0102 Deadly Darling Dolores

A conspiracy to destroy all animal life on the planet is exposed by a scientist. 3.2
1974-06-10 0103 Bargain in Blood (A)

When a strange turn of events allows a young man to switch illnesses with the diseased, a... 3.4
1974-06-12 0104 Rat (The)

Enraged by the faithlessness of his wife, a genius scientist creates a highly-evolved rodent... 3.3
1974-06-13 0105 House of the Seven Gables (The)

A fresh take on Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic tale of tragedy shadowing the lives of the manor... 2.9
1974-06-17 0106 Three Times Dead

A store-keeper shows his gratitude to the police officer that saves them by giving his wife a... 3.2
1974-06-18 0107 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

An unforeseen accident gives birth to the evil alter ego of the doctor in charge of the... 3
1974-06-20 0108 Secret Doctrine (The)

After suffering a devastating rejection at the hands of her favorite actor, an obsessed fan... 3.3
1974-06-24 0109 Escape! Escape!

Two prisoners escape from detention with the help of a young woman. Trouble begins when they... 3.6
1974-06-25 0110 Where Fear Begins

The strange circumstances surrounding her sister's death prompt a young woman to dig deeper.... 3.2
1974-06-27 0111 Yesterday's Murder

Determined to change her fate, a woman is granted the chance to go back in time to set her... 3.4
1974-07-01 0112 Hurricane

A couple take refuge from a storm in a secluded beach house, only to find themselves in the... 3.4
1974-07-03 0113 Secret Life of Bobby Deland (The)

A couple suffering from the death of their only child take in a young waif to fill the void in... 3.1
1974-07-04 0114 Young Die Good (The)

The relationship of a married couple is tested when they transfer next to a strange house and... 3.2
1974-07-08 0115 Too Many Women Can Kill You

An ambitious maid blackmails her employer after witnessing him murder his wife. The man is... 3.4
1974-07-09 0116 And Death Makes Even Steven

In order to seize control of his father's wealth, a slighted brother plans the murder of his... 3.2
1974-07-11 0117 Devil-God (The)

After inheriting a sprawling ranch, a young couple discover that the estate is home to a wild... 3.3
1974-07-15 0118 Canterville Ghost (The)

In this classic tale by Oscar Wilde, a... 3.2
1974-07-17 0119 Real Printer's Devil (The)

A young couple are delighted to find an inexpensive apartment in Central Park West. Little do... 3.2
1974-07-18 0120 Dream Woman (The)

Convinced that a woman he met at the local bar is his soul mate, a man abandons his faithful... 3.1
1974-07-22 0121 Deadly Process (The)

In order to save his job and further his career, an unskilled engineer pilfers the secret to a... 3.1
1974-07-23 0122 Adam's Astral Self

The ability to project his spiritual self to other places while asleep annoys Adam Farr's wife... 3
1974-07-25 0123 My Sister -- Death

A twisted and humorous tale about a woman's attempts to drive her sister to madness. 3.4
1974-07-29 0124 Ghost at High Noon

While on a road trip, two women experience car trouble in the middle of the desert. A strange... 3.3
1974-07-31 0125 Only Blood (The)

After refusing to pay blood money to the local mafia, an immigrant shoe-maker becomes the... 3.2
1974-08-01 0126 Hit Man (The)

A chance meeting with the wife of his next victim changes the mindset of a hired gun. 3.3
1974-08-05 0127 I Thought You Were Dead

After murdering her husband and partner, an authoress begins to get phone calls from her... 3
1974-08-06 0128 Headstrong Corpse (The)

After his death, Lord Berly of Moreland is kept in an open crypt by his physicians in... 2.8
1974-08-07 0129 Picture of Dorian Gray (The)

In exchange for eternal youth, a man makes a deal with the devil and gives up his soul. As he... 3.2
1974-08-08 0130 You Only Die Once

After being widowed, Marge Miller found love in the arms of her new husband. Her peaceful life... 3.2
1974-08-12 0131 Beach of Falesa (The)

An island merchant is cast out of his village after marrying a local woman in defiance of... 3.3
1974-08-13 0132 Frontiers of Fear (The)

A defeated man buys an ancient typewriter from a pawn shop. The typewriter reveals itself to... 3.5
1974-08-14 0133 Journey into Terror

Jane Stoddard marries a man and later discovers that her husband is the infamous serial killer... 3.4
1974-08-15 0134 Final Vow (The)

Sister Pamela owns a priceless figurine that is stolen from her. So she quits the church and... 3.1
1974-08-19 0135 Hands of Mrs. Mallory (The)

Shortly after the death of her husband, Mrs. Mallory loses control of both her hands... 3.1
1974-08-20 0136 Preview of Death (A)

A young woman and her husband own a resort that has a working cable car. Her brother, an... 3.3
1974-08-21 0137 Having a Horrible Time

Amy Hastings is a brave woman. She testified against one of New York's most infamous drug... 3.2
1974-08-22 0138 Case of M.J.H. (The)

A professional swindler seduces a lonely unmarried woman who works as a psychiatrist's... 3.6
1974-08-26 0139 Deadliest Favor (The)

A guy is running away from the police and takes shelter in a friend's house. The friend is a... 3.5
1974-08-28 0140 Fatal Marksman (The)

A regular clerk leaves his vocation to become a hunter - in order to impress the girl he... 3.1
1974-08-29 0141 Medium Rare

A man is relieved of a large sum of money by a pair of wicked gamblers. After his death, he... 3.3
1974-09-02 0142 Return of Anatole Chevenic (The)

A young man named Hans tries to convince his uncle Anatole to give him a portion of his... 3.2
1974-09-03 0143 Imp in the Bottle (The)

A man buys an amulet that can make his wishes come true. But in order to salvage his soul, he... 3.5
1974-09-05 0144 Deadline for Death

Johnny Promo is a convict sentenced to death. He promises a witness who testified against him... 3.3
1974-09-09 0145 Double Exposure

A cop dies in an accident. His wife is mistakenly taken to be someone else by two people. Her... 3.2
1974-09-11 0146 Hand that Refused to Die (The)

A gifted pianist is devastated by the loss of his hand as a result of an automobile accident.... 2.7
1974-09-12 0147 Trouble with Murder (The)

A wealthy lady hires an artist to paint a nude portrait of her. She becomes disturbed when he... 3.6
1974-09-16 0148 What Happened to Mrs. Forbush?

The ghost of a sea captain's wife plagues an abandoned house by the sea, and the water nearby... 3
1974-09-17 0149 Thicker than Water

A tired lawyer is made to take on a murder trial with the defendant adamantly professing his... 3.6
1974-09-19 0150 Garden (The)

A couple discover that they are imprisoned in a peculiar forest inhabited by two beings - a... 3.1
1974-09-23 0151 Island of the Lost

A middle-aged man travels to an isolated island to surprise his young beloved. But he is... 3.5
1974-09-25 0152 Deadly Blind Man's Bluff (The)

In a terrible mishap, a riveter loses his eyesight. While he keeps up his physical strength,... 3.2
1974-09-26 0153 Spectral Bride (The)

After having moved on with his life to the point of re-marrying, a man forces his former... 3.5
1974-09-30 0154 Murder to Perfection

A young woman is horrified to learn that her soon to be brother-in-law murdered her sister as... 3.3
1974-10-01 0155 Bride that Wasn't (The)

A young lady travels to the house of her betrothed to meet him and his mother. She is stunned... 3.3
1974-10-03 0156 Golden Blood of the Sun (The)

After migrating to Florida, a timeshare salesman runs into a series of mishaps. Believing him... 3
1974-10-07 0157 Sister of Death

A young woman who recently wed buys a portrait at a public sale. It is the portrait of her... 3
1974-10-09 0158 Trapped

A sick lady suspects her husband and caregiver are plotting to kill her. With the help of her... 3.6
1974-10-10 0159 Doll (The)

A professor obsessed with his niece uses a voodoo doll in order to win her love. 3.2
1974-10-14 0160 Scaffold for Two (A)

After his plane crashes in a secluded island, a lawyer learns that the locals employ their own... 3.1
1974-10-15 0161 Picture on a Wall

After transferring into a new flat with a picturesque yard, a fledgling actress becomes... 3.3
1974-10-17 0162 Last Escape (The)

An elderly escape artist wants to try his hand at the greatest escape - the one that 3.3
1974-10-21 0163 Mind Over Matthew

A middle-aged man marries a young girl he begins to believe might be a sorceress. He enlists... 3
1974-10-23 0164 See Naples and Die

A Senator finds out that his daughter is living with a known felon in Europe who is already on... 3.3
1974-10-24 0165 Cage for Augie Karo (A)

A seasoned thief discovers a way to pull off the perfect crime while in jail. A fellow... 3
1974-10-28 0166 Possessed by the Devil

A young boy who happens to be a minister's son is admitted to a hospital with fatal wounds.... 3.7
1974-10-29 0167 Black Room (The)

A man is placed in solitary confinement for a crime he did not commit. He somehow makes an... 3.6
1974-10-31 0168 Demon Spirit (The)

A man loses his life and soul in order to claim the woman he desires. He possesses her after... 3.6
1974-11-04 0169 Bury Me Again

A seasoned charlatan somehow survives a massive train accident. He then plots to claim the... 3.5
1974-11-06 0170 Terror on the Heath

A young man thinks he is the incarnation of serial killer who was hanged for a series of... 3
1974-11-07 0171 How Eberhard Won His Wings

A virtuous man is blessed with a pair of wings for his spotless conduct and commitment towards... 3.3
1974-11-11 0172 Wave of Terror

A more modern version of the classic Romeo and Juliet, with the story taking place in Hawaii.... 3.2
1974-11-12 0173 I Must Kill Edna

A hardened middle-aged man marries a wealthy lady for pragmatic reasons. When he falls in love... 3.2
1974-11-14 0174 Thirty-Sixth Man (The)

A storekeeper is selected to be the next 'Lahmed Vovnik'. This is a notion rooted within the... 3.5
1974-11-18 0175 Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee (The)

While on a boat trip, a young couple and their daughter become lost in the dense fog. The... 3.1
1974-11-20 0176 Tattooed for Murder

In order to escape their father's tyrannical ways, a pair of sisters join a circus as tattooed... 3.5
1974-11-21 0177 Death Watch (The)

After winning a game of chance, a man gains possession of a cursed pocket watch. He is slowly... 3
1974-11-25 0178 Sighting (The)

A couple encounters a UFO landing on Earth. Though the husband insists on denying what he saw,... 3.5
1974-11-26 0179 Courtyard of Death

This is the tale of the lewd monk Rasputin, who was the spiritual consultant of Russian Czar... 3.1
1974-11-28 0180 Aaron Burr Murder Case (The)

In a re-enactment of a famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The actor... 3
1974-12-02 0181 Dice of Doom (The)

A young gambler from the 1800s tries to outwit the Devil by using two special dice, thereby... 3.1
1974-12-04 0182 Bride for Death (A)

An unlucky poet finds love and affection in the form of his melancholic neighbor awaiting her... 3.6
1974-12-05 0183 Body Snatchers (The)

A doctor meets a drunkard friend in a bar. They reminisce the times they defiled graves in... 3.3
1974-12-09 0184 Fatal Connection (The)

A young couple expecting a child also happen to inherit a furnished house. Among their... 3.6
1974-12-10 0185 Damned Thing (The)

A government official investigates the death of a very rich man an each witnesses narrates the... 3.1
1974-12-12 0186 Is the Lady Dead?

An extremely wealthy man marries a woman on the spur of a moment. His wife dies soon after the... 3.3
1974-12-16 0187 Stephanie's Room

A married woman moves back to her birthplace in New York when her husband is posted there for... 3.1
1974-12-18 0188 Charity Is Never Dead

An explosion occurs in a departmental store, leaving an old lady badly wounded who is... 3
1974-12-19 0189 House of the Voodoo Queen (The)

A husband and wife gain possession of a house in New Orleans known to be inhabited by a... 3.2
1974-12-23 0190 Give the Devil His Due

An aged dancer attempts to enter a pact with the devil to sacrifice her soul in return for her... 3.6
1974-12-24 0191 Very Private Miracle (A)

A very moving story about a cranky old man and a little girl trying to persuade him to play... 3.5
1974-12-26 0192 Turn About Is Foul Play

A man together with his girlfriend plots to kill his rich and sickly wife. At the last moment... 3.4
1974-12-30 0193 Golem (The)

A man tries to aid an elderly Jew and his granddaughter evade the Nazis tailing them. The old... 3.6
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