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The Mask of Tupac Amaru


A mysterious Incan artifa is cursed to bring death and destruction to those who come into contact with it, and the tension between an anthropology grad student and her fiance is just the beginning.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 24, 1975
  • Repeat - October 22, 1975





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8 Responses to Episode 0297

This episode didn't Work on old time radio. Thankfully I found it here.

Joel Sturkey

The mild story of an archeologist, her lover, who is of Inca descent, and various other persons involved with the discovery of an accursed Incan death-mask. Unimpressive.

Nena Stafford

When the Aztec husband of an American archaeologist pleads with her to leave alone the tomb she has discovered, she thinks him a foolish and superstitious man. With the curse on the tomb, and a mysterious gentleman appearing to her faculty supervisor wanting to buy the original and trade it for a fake, this story is engaging and puts forward an enlightened view of respect for other cultures, if not respect for gender equity.


This was a mediocre mystery story and it would be entertaining for the SUSPENSE radio series. Bob Drydren did a nice job for playing the villainous collector Francisco Fortune. However, this CBSRMT episode had parts in it that were skipping several seconds forward and then skipped back. Check this episode out if you enjoy superstitious tales.


Mediocre superstitious tale. The ongoing nagging of the man towards the woman was a little much. A different angle perhaps would have been better to get his fiance to not decimate the burial. Anyhow I enjoyed it even though I don't rate it as high as some.


I agree that this wasn't the best story. The constant nagging was annoying and overall not a great story. Although I do agree that it does bring to light having respect for other cultures, it's not done in the best way.


This episode kept me waiting for something to happen because it had a nice buildup but the end fell FLAT. It is not worth a second listen.


I enjoy whenever there is a news brief at the end of the show because they provide a short immersion in the past. I usually expect stories from the 70s, though. This one made me pause for a moment, with its mention of a possible summit between Reagan and Gorbachev, before I figured the recording must be from a rebroadcast in the 80s. Still fun to listen to.


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