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That Hamlet Was a Good Boy


When the proprietor of a factory is murdered, his grieving son vows vengeance and sets out to entrap his greedy uncle and his faithless mother in this modern take on William Shakespeare's ‘Hamlet.'



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 26, 1975
  • Repeat - October 25, 1975
  • Repeat - November 14, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 0298

A modern day Hamlet -- literally. The murdered factory owner implores his son to expose his greedy brother and wife for the murderers they are.

Madeline P.

A modern day playful take on Shakespeare's classic. When a prominent and socially conscious businessman passes unexpectedly, his factory falls to his wife, who is more interested in profit than the needs of the community. Appearing to his son as a class 3 spirit, requiring his demise to be avenged before he can rest in peace, he solicits the help of the living to reveal the truth of his death.

Brad Austin

This is the first episode I have listened to that sounded stilted and forced. The dialogue was just not compelling.


Kind of a silly supernatural story for me. It wasn't the best or memorable story, but it was okay.


After his father’s death, seemingly from cardiac arrest, Doug Cardwell strongly opposes his mother and uncle’s plan to sell the family business. When his father reappears as a rather life-like specter and tells Doug that his uncle smothered him to death, Doug and his fiancée, an amateur movie maker, hit upon the device — a play within a play — used by Hamlet in Shakespeare’s drama. With it they hope to catch the conscience of Uncle Stanley and make him confess.


A silly, fun change of pace!


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