Ruby Dee (Actor)

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(10-27-1922 - 06-11-2014) Age 92

Ruby Dee has many acting and writing credits. She is best known for her role in 1961's A Raisin in the Sun.





She appeared in the following 4 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
01/13/1974 0008 Cold Storage A man finds out that his believed to be dead mother is still living and unleashes a Machiavellian plan to acquire her wealth and property - by shutting her away in the basement.
02/04/1974 0030 Here Goes the Bride The ghost of a former wife killed under intriguing conditions reveals herself to the new bride in the husband's estate.
07/11/1974 0117 The Devil-God After inheriting a sprawling ranch, a young couple discover that the estate is home to a wild and beautiful Palomino stallion. What they don't know is that the horse belongs to a powerful deity who is angered by their attempts to claim the steed as their own.
06/24/1975 0297 The Mask of Tupac Amaru A mysterious Incan artifa is cursed to bring death and destruction to those who come into contact with it, and the tension between an anthropology grad student and her fiance is just the beginning.

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Here Goes The Bride was the best one she did! She sounded so sophisticated, rich, elegant, and regal. She did a great job.


She's gone now. It should read (1924-2014)


Rest In Peace, you beautiful angel. oxoxo


Actress Ruby Dee recently died at age 89 of "natural causes" according to her daughter. From 1974 to 1975, she appeared in four episodes of CBSRMT. The episodes range from Southern gothic romance to supernatural adventure. Hats off to a major talent.


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