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Here Goes the Bride


The ghost of a former wife killed under intriguing conditions reveals herself to the new bride in the husband's estate.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 4, 1974
  • Repeat - April 14, 1974
  • Repeat - February 11, 1979





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24 Responses to Episode 0030

Interesting in that supernatural elements are hinted at but everything is explained in the end. Mystery drama; no supernatural elements.


Fantastic story here, with more than one twist. I imagine it as occurring in golden age Hollywood, although there is no exact time frame specified. This was a bait-and-switch tale that kept me guessing until the end. In it, I saw some influences of Daphne Du Maurier's classic novel "Rebecca" and perhaps Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's "The Wyvern Mystery." Pay attention to the secondary characters; the one that you least expect turns out to be the villain.


I kept thinking about Rebecca, too! These shows are so much fun!


A woman marries a man who has been previously married. His first wife is a favorite of the servants and she appears to be sorely missed. We wonder why she died and what caused her death. Is the new bride in jeopardy?


A dud. The actors and story are more dead then the “ghost”.


A woman arrives at the estate of her new husband to find his former wife' s spirit still haunts the place. She died under suspicious circumstances.

Annie B.

Eerie haunted house tale. Highly recommended.

Freddy B.

A woman marries a famous movie star whose ex-wife was another famous starlet killed in a tragic accident. The new wife struggles to gain acceptance from the servants at her husband's family, for the memory of the former lady of the house is far from gone.


I love these Radio Programs! Loved this Story. I thought the Acting was great considering when it was made ! I used to listen to these after midnight on some AM Station when I was a kid in the 70's. They scared me to death. I stumbled upon them recently while looking up podcasts. This is Great!


Paul is this you.... you little bro with the pellet gun out the window?


@PJ, Why should when it was made have anything to do with the quality of the acting?


The performance of the actress who portrayed the evil sister elevated this show's quality. Favorite line (quoting from memory) "This place gives me the heebie jeebies. Let's go back before he let's loose those damn dogs." Early in the episode I assumed the husband was the Bad Guy, so I was pleasantly surprised when the sister was revealed as the villain. And her strange, almost romantic attachment, to her brother jumped out at me. RMT was not afraid of dealing with themes/stories that could be considered controversial.


I put it on the husband early on, but really enjoyed the performance of the sister and was surprised at the end. My wife, however, already had it figured out right away. I'm glad to know you guys are enjoying these.


Teri Keane stole the show. Actually, she and Ruby Dee were both fabulous.


Another good story where it starts out as a supernatural tale but ends up not being one. The story is also good as until near the end you aren't really sure who the "bad guy" is as it could be anyone.


Teri Keane and Ruby Dee were solid, as ever, in this tale, but it's not a favorite. There was an eerie quality, but it didn't develop as well as I'd hoped. RIP, Ruby Dee.


I'm glad you made this today's featured episode. It's a nice tribute to Ruby Dee. She died at 91 years old a few days ago.

Shade J Ford

It turns out that Ruby Dee was 89 when she died. Some newspapers and news shows have reported the wrong birthdate and age for her.

Shade J Ford

Entertaining story. Surprise ending. However, unlike some other posts, I won't spoil the plot for those who are unlucky enough to read the reviews before listening to the show. Shame on you guys for not labeling your posts as spoilers.

Diva D

I agree with Diva D- it is such a shame that so many commenters have no scruples about casually giving away the ending in their comments, especially without warning. I must be an imbecile because I have been reading the comments as each episode starts, only to be disappointed time and again by the spoilers. Now I know better. As far as this episode is concerned, I really enjoyed it. There was enough twists and turns that it kept you on your toes. If I have any criticism, it's that the author went to such lengths to mislead you that they ended up contradicting themselves. For instance, it seems apparent that all of the servants at the estate worship and adore the first wife, but then we have the husbands characterization of her, which seems to be at odds with the context. There are also conflicting evidence presented for a couple of the characters (a main one at that) that is never explained, followed up on or otherwise straightened out. Lots of loose ends. But hey, how much can they actually do in 40 minutes, right? All in all a fun ride and enjoyable episode.


Lots of mini contradictions in this story. The servant refuses to call the new wife "Señora" but later on she calls her that when she tells the husband where the wife and sister are. The sister says to the wife that there is no wind and how beautiful it is outside, but when they go outside the wind is howling like a hurricane in the background, lol! Of course, the most disturbing part is the incestual element of the story, with the sister's obsession with her brother. You get the sense the sister is in love with her brother, but because she is forbidden to have a romantic relationship with him herself, she hates any woman who actually gets to have him. She can't have him herself, but she doesn't want anyone else to have him either.


I just wanted to add that aside from the weird twist at the end, it's basically just a remake of 'Rebecca' (which makes me feel it would have been better if CBSRMT had just done a version of 'Rebecca, (the way they have done with other classics), rather than trying to do a crazy new story, which is weirder than the classic). Btw, I am more mindful about making "spoiler" comments than I used to be. I used to be one of those people with no scruples, but I started feeling a bit guilty about spoiling the endings, so I generally include a "spoiler" warning in my comments now.


My above comment with no "spoiler" warning, is an older comment I made some time back. :)


Good episode with a lot of side tracks as to who did what and what are they plotting now. Enjoyable. The question is will the house remember?


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