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For Tomorrow We Die


Harry Taylor gets out after three decades in prison for murdering his wife and goes to find an old flame Jesse Craig. Her son-in-law tries to find out whether his love is sincere, or motivated by revenge for Jesse deserting him years ago.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 12, 1975
  • Repeat - August 24, 1975





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Harry Taylor gets out of prison, thirty years after being convicted of killing his wife. He sets out to find an old flame. Is his motive revenge for jilting him all those years ago and dooming him to a life with a woman he did not love, or to rekindle the flame. Jesse Craig's son-in-law wants to know before she is completely seduced.

Harry Watson

A widow, living with her daughter and son-in-law, is contacted by old flame and rival for her youthful affections. He too is widowed and asks her to set aside the past and accept a visit from him as he passes through town on business. He is now very wealthy now, apparently achieving fabulous success on Wall Street and seems to want to rekindle the affair they had in the past. The son-in-law, an assistant district attorney, is suspicious and trips him up in a lie when he probes him about his stock dealings. Wanting to protect his mother-in-law from a potential shyster , he probes further and does not like what he finds.


Wow!! I don't want to offer any spoilers but this episode is great. The ending is completely unexpected. Don't miss this one, please!!


Lovely episode. EG, such a wondeful and humane man, but "balancing the books" of the good side of human nature. Please! If that was so then our wonderous CBSMT would not have existed at all!!! Sorry, it is just refreshing and soothing to have the kind side of our nature show up once in a while. It has its moments. That is enough in itself. Misha Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil

Misha Allport

This was a good, heartwarming story that did have a unexpected ending. I do wonder where they got the name for the daughter from.


What a touching beautiful charming tale.


Great episode. The Sinatra at the end was a nice surprise.


I thoroughly enjoyed this episode!


I forgot to add, in my first comment, that I loved the realistic playful banter between the mother, daughter, and son-in-law!


Another gem after 8 years of listening! My have times have changed. Go I-ran!

Scotter D and the end of the greens

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease This sporadic disease occurs worldwide, including the United States, at a rate of roughly 1 to 2 cases per 1 million population per year. the world population in 1975 was around 4 billion however the writer has the doctor telling us there are only half a dozen known cases? there would be thousands worldwide with this desease.


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