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Where Angels Fear to Tread


A professor of paranormal psychology, Dr. Ken Anderson, experiments with the astral projection of his self. But the experiment rolls out of control.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 13, 1975
  • Repeat - August 26, 1975
  • Repeat - September 26, 1980





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Dr. Ken Anderson, Professor of paranormal psychology, is experimenting with astral projection --- projecting his astral self to other places. He soon loses control of when he projects and what his astral self does.

Chris Redfield

A widow, living with her daughter and son-in-law, is contacted by old flame and rival for her youthful affections. He too is widowed and asks her to set aside the past and accept a visit from him as he passes through town on business. He is now very wealthy now, apparently achieving fabulous success on Wall Street and seems to want to rekindle the affair they had in the past. The son-in-law, an assistant district attorney, is suspicious and trips him up in a lie when he probes him about his stock dealings. Wanting to protect his mother-in-law from a potential shyster , he probes further and does not like what he finds.


You meant this for the previous show. 😊


1975. Freshman yr in high school. I always kept the radio on my nightstand next to my bed. At night I loved listening to the radio. Back in those days, WLAP A.M. played top 40 music, not this dreary talk radio format that it has now. CBSRMT always came on at 11:p.m.


Those were the days! I loved the radio at night.


This was an okay listen, but not one of my favorites. I didn't like this episode as it says that once your soul or spirit leaves your body that it is different than when it is in your body. That implies that the flesh stops the spirit from doing things it shouldn't do, which doesn't make sense to me. It was sort of interesting, but not the best.


The ending of this one left a lot to be desired. Was very anti-climactic and a total letdown.

Joe Mama

I agree. The ending was disappointing and left questions unanswered.


INCLUDES SPOILERS: As a point of interest, $600 in 1975 is worth $3,431.28 in today's money according to an internet calculator for whatever that's worth. (And a man in 1975 is worth professors and police investigators and "little wife" women are worth dingbat wives and prostitutes. At least the whore got to have some agency, but of course only after she was murdered. Himan Brown was behind the times by several decades when this was new half a century ago!) This was a weak episode and the "I'll pray myself better!" ending was terrible. And EG's idiotic "he kept to safer magic like ESP" coda was embarrassing.


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