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Strange New Tomorrow


After the second Hundred Years War, a scientist and his wife are ordered by a covert agency to create a humanoid robot that can survive a land ravaged by nuclear fallout.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 26, 1979
  • Repeat - March 18, 1980





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5 Responses to Episode 1033

I'm not a science fiction type of guy but this is a good program. Many years and generations into the future the population of Earth has dwindled (due to war) and it is contaminated by radioactive material. A elderly scientist knows how to make robots. A military leader raids the galaxy and has his own ideas about the future survival of the human race. The leader of the planet believes that the radioactivity problem can be cured by breeding it out of the population. These are the ingredients needed for this program.

Dainne W.

My maternal grandfather once, about this time actually (c.1979), deinged to 'tell us a scary story', as they were so en vogue at that time. It went something like this: Once upon a time, there was an old witch, whom everyone was afraid of. Then she unexpectedly died, mysteries unexplained. On a stormy, windy night, two kids went to visit the unlit, empty grave site, somewhere out of the way. The wind swirling, with distant lightning, one of them summonded the courage to ask: "Old witch, old witch, what made you die?" There was a long pause, the wind howling up behind them, as the rain and swirls increased. The other one then repeated, visibly scarred, "Old witch, old witch, what made you die?" There was, again, a long pause. And the old witch said 'nothing at all', nothing at all! Repeat. (it helps if your grandfather is the dramatist)

Indo-European, caucasian-centric diet(?)

Good Sci-fi drama which leaves one lots of things to ponder.


Great sci-fi story, had a classic otr feel to it.


SPOILER: This is a well done sci fi episode I'd say, even though we heard these tropes before. Reminded me of Blade Runner. Although the movie came out in 1982 it was based on the Philip KDick novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. I also remember an early Star Trek episode around 1967, title name eludes me, where a character Roger says when his wife sees a cut on his arm with wires beneath instead of blood vessels, "But Andrea, you are an Android too. I just didn't have the heart to tell you."

D.C. Klinkensmit

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