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The Ghost with a Knife


Alleged to based on real-life incidents, this is the story of a family threatened by a knife-wielding spirit who kills their plants and repeatedly adjusts their thermostat. Ghost hunters try to talk to him and understand his strange behaviour.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 16, 1977
  • Repeat - May 20, 1978





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7 Responses to Episode 0755

A very good episode along the lines of Poltergeist or one of those 1970s ghost anthology tv series that were so popular at the time. The characters and dialogue were very convincing and I found myself quite creeped out.


Not much plot to this one, but I still enjoyed it. Plus, it really, actually happened! Someday I hope I'll come across an episode where the wife does the comforting while the husband breaks down sobbing "I can't take this anymore!"

Phillip M.

I liked this one quite a bit, actually. Probably because it is based on true events. I think it's a great story that converted nicely to OTR. Arnold Moss has a very unique voice and helps make the whole story - he is just perfect for parts like these.


I had to stop this one halfway through because the wife's constant blubbering was irritating. It seems this was a common affect in 1970's radio drama. Or at least in this series. Women were usually depicted as very weak and hysterical throughout most of these dramas. I can't understand why it took so long for actors and directors to realize women don't get hysterical over every moment of every drama and they don't scream their heads off every time they see something mildly startling. It comes across as forced and I'm sure it did back then as well. As far as this being based on true events - there's nothing about it that rings true to me.

Mark A

I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. It’s an entertaining ghost story, written by James Agate Jr., that enhances the mystery. However, I was expecting the ending to be as ghastly as #0094-THE CRACK IN THE WALL or #0957-HICKORY, DICKORY, DOOM or even have a shocking twist like #0458-THE INTRUDERS. The sound effects of the doorbell, howling wind, footsteps, cellar door, camera clicks, clock chiming at 9, light switch, thunderstorm, and the clock chiming at midnight were useful in this, but there weren’t any sound effects in the 3rd Act. The music was good, especially the haunting tracks that played whenever the main character narrated the situations. In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall began with the engraved words from the Egyptian Pharaoh Intef’s tomb: “There is none who comes back from the dead that he may tell their state that he may tell their needs. It is not given to man to take his property with him nor is there one who departs whoever comes back again.” In ACT-1, he introduces us to our main character: Bryce Bond who had a case on the supernatural on December 16th, 1974 at 1447 Locust Avenue in Mineola, New York. In ACT-2, E.G. Marshall made a mistake on the child’s age. He said the boy was 2 years old even though the characters said he was only 4. In ACT-3, after the psychic phenomenon, he states that the ghost is gone for good. In his Epilogue, his last words were, “Life can exist on the spirit side and perhaps one day we shall find out why and how.” Good narrations, but with 1 error made. Now, onto our cast: Arnold Moss (as Bryce Bond and Emergency Service), Patricia Elliott (as Rebecca Green), Robert Kaliban (as David Enters), and Gordon Gould (as Leo Green). All 4 of them did very well, but my question is why CBSRMT didn’t get Bryce Bond to play himself? Bryce Bond performed in #0790-A MESSAGE FROM SPACE, #0838-WINDOW TO OBLIVION and #0906-THE WINDS OF TIME and all 3 episodes were written by Ian Martin. Arnold Moss was a gifted actor, but it would make more sense if Bryce Bond acted in this episode since he was the one who dealt with the supernatural. Anyway, as I said before, it’s an entreating story and check it out if you’re into ghost tales that are based on true events. And check out the 3 episodes that Bryce Bond acted in. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


This episode first aired the day I was born. Kinda fun to run across things that were going on the day or week you made your appearance in the world. You can find old soap air dates. I love CBS Radio Mystery btw. Didn't just listen because of the date haha.

Matthew G

☆ This episode is ok, but I feel it is the weakest of the Bryce Bond "reenactments".

Cindy Caldwell

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