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Brothers of the Angle


Mrs. Buttwheezer is the rich heroine of this tale of undying love. She believes her deceased husband will return from his grave to keep her company. A bunch of swindlers decide to take advantage of this using the old man's love for poetry and fishing and claim to get messages from him to win her trust.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 19, 1977
  • Repeat - May 21, 1978





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11 Responses to Episode 0756

This was a great twist ending! Loved it. My one quibble (and I am not trying to spoil this) is who would they know? Was the old woman just very astute or does she do this type of thing on a regular basis?


Mrs. Buttwheezer? Really? What a horrible name. They couldn't go with Mrs. Smith or Jones? That's hilarious. Have you ever met a Mr. or Mrs. Buttwheezer? This ridiculous name took my attention away from the story.


I actually meant to say "how" not "who". I agree about the name, but I still loved the ending.


ANOTHER "Millicent" in this one!!!!

Vernel N.

This wasn't a bad play...Ralph Bell and Evie Juster had two great voices working together. I always got a kick out of the oboe and bassoon music at the very end of the second act...that was ALWAYS in a light-hearted RMT play. It's just that this one kind of lost me. In the third act where I should have been rapt, I found myself drifting away, then unsure of the significance of Bell's final words. Still, not a bad listen whatsoever.

Vernel N.

I thought this episode to be a bit on the sillier side of the RMT. The twist at the end of such an elaborate plot scheme seemed a little expected, if not predictable. I didn't like how the "sister-in-law" sort of appeared out of nowhere and became a critical element of the story, tho it made more sense later. Morally, I am constantly surprised by the news in our world at just how often crimes of this nature actually occur. It seems that a lot of people fall into the prey of confidence artists all the time, despite years of RMT shows, Columbo, and Dennis Weaver giving us examples to avoid. Makes me wonder how people can be so easily taken in... and how can I get in on the action! :shock: (just kidding!) In all, it was an easy listen, well produced, and on the lighter side.


With the name Buttwheezer, I was wondering if long time sponsor Anheuser-Busch had dropped the show, and this was RMT way of getting back at them a bit by spoofing on the product that advertised for so long. They mention the name "Butwheezer" quite frequently.


With a name like Buttwheezer, it has to be good. Or at least a RMT episode. Strangest character name in the entire CBS RMT catalog.


Brothers of the Angle is another of prolific writer Sam Dann’s dramas that you get the sense was mailed in. Dann’s stories, like the Little Girl with the little curl, run the gamut from very good to horrid. This predictable story is numbingly slow and is kept alive only by the strong voice performances of actresses Joan Shay and Evie Juster. Ralph Bell is so-so. Having heard impressive outings by Bell, one gets the sense he was as bored by the narrative as I was. A gold star is given to a memorable pearl of Sam Dann wisdom that I will never forget: “The day you realize that life is unfair and that there is nothing you can do about it… that’s the day you grow up.” But overall I give the episode 2 stars out of 5. JUROR #4.




Very entertaining episode!


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