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The Big Ten-Cent Hustle


An autobiographical sketch narrated by a minty new Mercury dime.



Air Dates

  • First Run - December 21, 1977
  • Repeat - May 24, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0757

Not creepy but amusing tale of the life of a unique dime. Kinda like a precursor to the Where's George? have to wonder how many hands and lives have touched the pocket change you carry everyday.


This reminds me of an episode of the old Karl Malden/Michael Douglas detective show "The streets of San Francisco." Except it's different. Actually, that episode ("The twenty-five caliber plague") was an anti-gun diatribe (IMO) that followed a .25 caliber handgun as it was stolen, abandoned, bought, etc. by a series of people who committed crimes and killed people with it, always abandoning or losing it to go into the hands of some other perp. The camera followed the action and dialogue with little if any narration. In this RMT story, however, we follow the path of a 1934-minted dime. The story is told by the fey-voiced dime itself, voiced by the late, talented Earl Hammond. This dime had the blessing, if one can call it that, to be double-stamped and thus become a rare collector's item. We follow it as it's put in the property of an unknowing rich man who hands out dimes to needy families on a street corner, to the man who receives it, a trucking firm owner who's about to go bankrupt, to a con-artist panhandler who begs for (and receives) the bankrupt man's last dime, to the would-be numismatist with whom he bargains for a sizeable payment in exchange for the rare coin, later in the presence of the wife of the trucking company owner (her husband had shown her the double stamp earlier thinking it made the coin worthless) who is astounded that her husband gave a small fortune away unwittingly and wants it to get it back by any means necessary....

S. Decena

It's about dime they made this show. A neater title might have been The Big Dime Hunters of 1934.


Good story, don't know why it doesn't have a higher rating

Mar coll

Very entertaining story well worth your dime, altho I seem to recall the plot from an old dime novel I picked up somewhere...

Melanie C

I really enjoyed the narration of the Mercury Dime., what a personality!!


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