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The Doppelganger


A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her to abort her child. Along comes a perfect chance at revenge for the rejected man.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 20, 1975
  • Repeat - June 15, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0242

This is one of the best episodes!


An aging university psych professor (and dabbler in parapsychology) vows to take revenge on the college student who both gets his daughter pregnant and then forces her to get an abortion. He conjures the forces of the supernatural to call forth the man's doppleganger (double) to haunt him to death. I enjoyed this episode but it took a long time to get past the melodrama to the supernatural elements. Good performances by the entire cast. Genre: Occult

Malcolm Hughes

When a professor of psychology, who dabbles in the paranormal, discovers his daughter has broken off her engagement to a favoured gentleman, in favour of callous and heartless man, he grows concerned. With the assistance of the gentleman, he talks with the daughter about her plans further learning that the cad forced her to have an abortion, yet she still feels her life will end if she cannot be with him. The father, calling on his knowledge of the occult, conjures a doppelganger to exact revenge on the cad.

Fred Dukes

Great 1970's talk: "What's with all this love jive... aint nobody gonna step on my style..."


I always enjoy Howard Da Silva's voice and I think it works well in this episode. This was a good listen for me and I enjoyed the moral question Howard faced (and didn't choose wisely) as well as Rosemary Rice's character's choice (which wasn't good) as that's how most people actually do things. Hopefully we learn from our bad decisions/actions and those of others.


Great episode. The jive talk is funny to hear.

John L.

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