Rosemary Rice (Actor)

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(05-02-1925 - 08-14-2012) Age 87

Rosemary Rice had a busy career on radio and TV. She also played Betty on old time radio's Archie Andrews.

She appeared in the following 24 episodes of Radio Mystery Theater
Date Episode Title Plot
08/15/1974 0134 The Final Vow Sister Pamela owns a priceless figurine that is stolen from her. So she quits the church and dedicates all her time to find the missing statue in order to return it to a dying nun. Help comes from a source that she never would have imagined.
11/20/1974 0176 Tattooed for Murder In order to escape their father's tyrannical ways, a pair of sisters join a circus as tattooed girls. On the surface, their actions are meant to insult and humiliate their father, but one sibling has grander scheme in mind.
12/18/1974 0188 Charity Is Never Dead An explosion occurs in a departmental store, leaving an old lady badly wounded who is immediately taken to the emergency unit of a hospital. She is freaked out when she cannot find her granddaughter whom she just met after a decade. In the meantime a young lady is brought to the hospital after sustaining a severe head injury resulting in amnesia. Are the women related?
02/04/1975 0218 Death in the Stars A newspaper editor is maddened when the paper's horoscope informs her that she is going to die that very day!
03/06/1975 0234 When the Death Bell Tolls A man meets a life threatening accident and is sent to the operating room. But his family doesn't want the life-saving operation to happen as he was completely wicked and evil.
03/20/1975 0242 The Doppelganger A young lady chooses a gangster boyfriend over her fiance even though her beloved forces her to abort her child. Along comes a perfect chance at revenge for the rejected man.
05/23/1975 0279 Markheim: Man or Monster? Karl Markheim is the ultimate anti-hero as he manipulates and swindles everyone around him to get his ends. He is left out from the will of his rich uncle and decides to torture his wife and her father for money, blithely unaware of the strange figure who witnesses all from behind a mirror.
07/17/1975 0310 Nightmare's Nest In order to pursue his interests in peace, a reclusive scientist purchases a remote country manor. Little does he know that a malevolent spirit prowls the estate's grounds.
08/21/1975 0330 Circle of Evil Two adults with special needs isolated from the rest of the world have been placed under the care of a newly hired woman. While in seclusion, she is plagued by a restless spirit seeking justice for his murder.
09/02/1975 0337 Portrait of Death A woman fell in love with a rare painting while studying art in Venice years before. Now on her honeymoon, she travels together with her new husband to see the painting once again. When they find that the artwork was substituted by a counterfeit. They come across the woman's old mentor in their search for the original masterpiece.
10/01/1975 0356 Primrose Path A modern take on the infamous abduction of Patty Hearst. The heir of a multi-media news conglomerate is taken hostage by a terrorist group. The kidnapped Mellon soon becomes a willing member of the very group that took him captive.
12/09/1975 0393 Stitch in Time Despite being estranged for over nine years, a billionaire welcomes his 19-year old niece into his home. His secretary is wary of the girl and her suspicions are soon proven right.
01/23/1976 0420 The Slick and the Dead A talented dancer with skeletons in her closet is killed in a hotel room. In this classic case of \"whodunit,\" EG Marshall interrupts the third act to ask the audience to take a wild guess on who they believe slayed her.
02/13/1976 0431 The Blue Roan Stallion A proud "half-breed", Dan Bowles unwittingly saves the life of ranch owner Hale Chalmer. In gratitude, he is hired as a ranch hand and life becomes complicated when he falls in love with the boss's daughter. Despite their differences, the lovers make plans to get married but things come to a head when the foreman challenges the cowboy to a gun-fight because of his mixed heritage. Chalmers saves Dan's life only to throw him a gun when he learns that the man he has just saved is a half-breed.
04/05/1976 0462 Time Killer Playing with a theory on the fluidity of time, a college professor accidentally transports himself back to the period before the Great Depression. His interference with the time-space continuum alters his future drastically.

05/20/1976 0484 The Walking Dead In the future, all androids are mindless robots with one exception-- Rex, who is the most advanced of his kind. Society is threatened when he acquires a macabre obsession-- murdering women.
08/09/1976 0505 Overnight to Freedom During WWII an American POW from a German prison camp and with the help of some friendly advice, makes his attempt at escaping across Germany into occupied France. There, he tries to make contact with the French Underground. But who can he trust?
10/11/1976 0533 My Wife Doesn't Understand Me A research scientist, unhappy with his marriage, finds solace in the arms of his new secretary. But she has more than love on her mind.
12/14/1976 0565 The Smoking Pistol When a cop's son is murdered and a suspect is found holding a smoking gun, he figures it's an open and shut case. But when the suspect's mother appeals to him to investigate further, doubts arise in his mind.
01/07/1977 0579 Conquest of Fear
While traveling through Spain, a bandit abducts a world-renowned actress. The beauty recognizes the desperado as one of Spain’s most skilled bull fighters that mysteriously vanished.  She works to convince him to leave his life of crime and return to the professional arena.
03/04/1977 0611 Answer Me
Distraught over the death of his wife, a failed author leaves his life behind him and sets out to lose himself in the heat and barrenness of Mexico. Along the way, he comes across a mother and daughter living in a commune and their strange bond inspires him to write again.

04/18/1977 0636 A House Divided A son returns home four years after joining the army with a plan of revenge for the murder of his D.A. father who was killed by his mother and her mob-connected lover.
08/15/1977 0695 The Together Place A country doctor treats a woman who lives with her daughter on a remote island. The daughter has been communicating with a twin sister who lives in another dimension.
08/02/1978 0874 The Devil's Brew A baseball player leaves home to become a professional player in the big leagues. But the devil holds him ransom for shaming his parents.

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Rosemary Rice Merrell, 87, Stamford Conn., died August 15, 2012, at home. Born on May 3, 1925, in Montclair, NJ, she was the daughter of the late Albert and Laura Rogers Rice. Best known for her performance as daughter "Katrin" (as well as narrator) on CBS-TV's award- winning "I Remember Mama" series, which ran for nine years, 1949-1956. Rosemary Rice's career began while she was attending junior high school in Montclair. She was discovered to perform in the first of 12 Broadway shows. Among her most notable appearances were in "Junior Miss" and "Dear Ruth," as well as "I Remember Mama." Rosemary was also known for her portrayal of Betty on the Archie Andrews radio program. She has also appeared on Playhouse 90, Studio One, Let's Pretend, Calvacade of America, My True Story, CBS Mystery Theater, When A Girl Marries, Young Doctor Malone and the NBC Playhouse. Rosemary was a well-established figure in the world of children's entertainment, having written, narrated and sung nine albums for Columbia Records, where she won a "Grammy Award."

Rosemary Rice Merrell Obituary

She has also recorded six albums for RCA. Rosemary has recorded nine books for The American Girl Collection, and was the voice of Caedmon Records (books on tape). Rosemary's work with children has not been confined only to her albums. She has also recorded 20 text books for the Allyn and Bacon Publishing Company in Boston, Mass. With her warm voice and pleasing quality, Rosemary was without a doubt one of the finest and foremost children's artists of our time. Although she is best known for her nine years as Katrin on CBS-TV's "I Remember Mama," she also appeared in the "edge of Night," "Search for Tomorrow," "One Life to Live," "Kraft Television Theatre," "As the World Turns," "AM Today," "The Mike Douglas Show," "The Today Show," "Dave Garroway Show," and other television shows. Rosemary appeared on and off camera in dozens of radio and television commercials. Most notably for the voice of Clairol "If I've only one life to live, let me live it as a blonde!," Johnson & Johnson products, and was the voice for New York City's World Fair Exhibition for Bell Telephone. During her career, Rosemary was the recipient of three CLIO Awards, The Grammy Award, The Pulitzer Price, three Peabody Awards, and an Emmy Award.

Rosemary Rice Merrell Obituary

Nice voice. Wish she had been in more episodes.

Ralph Bonacci

She had a great, young voice. I enjoyed Rosemary Rice's performances. When listening, I would always picture her as the naive, sweet, and innocent girl. I could have been way off but that is what I pictured. :-)


Here is her obituary when she passed away in 2012:


In 1995, I attended an OTR/Nostalgia Convention in Cincinnati. I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Rice in a re-creation of an episode of "Frontier Gentleman." If you weren't looking at her and just listening to her voice, you would swear that she was 21. She was a wonderful talent & gracious lady.

David Maddox

Rosemary Rice had a very diverse entertainment career, which included radio, Broadway, television, voice acting and commercials and as a singer and recording artist. Her radio credits include The Cavalcade Of America, Playhouse 90, Young Dr. Malone, Suspense, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, Theater Five and her well known role as Betty Cooper on the Archie Andrews series. She appeared in over a dozen Broadway productions and her television credits include Kraft Theater, Mama, The Mike Douglas Show, and the daytime soap operas, One Life To Live, Search For Tomorrow and The Edge Of Night. Rice also worked in several dozen radio and television commercials, both on camera and through voice-over work including Johnson & Johnson products and as the voice of Clairol. She wrote, sung and narrated fifteen children's albums during her career. She released nine albums through Columbia and six albums on the RCA, winning one Grammy award. She also narrated nine audio books for The American Girl Collection.


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