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Portrait of Death


A woman fell in love with a rare painting while studying art in Venice years before. Now on her honeymoon, she travels together with her new husband to see the painting once again. When they find that the artwork was substituted by a counterfeit. They come across the woman's old mentor in their search for the original masterpiece.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 2, 1975
  • Repeat - January 29, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0337

From the art world... Vicki Bradford and her new husband are honeymooning in Venice. She had been studying there two years earlier when she was the victim of a burglary. Following that, she returned to the US and started teaching. As they travel to Italy she carries the photograph of a painting that was discovered while she was in Italy by a professor that she studied under. Now, he seems to have disappeared and their behavior causes them to come under constant surveillance.

Hector Shake

An American couple travels to Venice for their honeymoon. The woman wants to view a rare painting she had seen when she was a student studying art there years before. When they get there, they find the painting is replaced bya fake. They set out to find the original, and the woman's former teacher.

Jaoyce R.

An artist who is renown for his portraits has the misfortune of having his models die shortly after he completes their painting. His next subject: his sister in law which causes his brother much anguish and worry. Not one of Dann's stronger scripts. Predictable.

Caprice Joyce K.

A somewhat interesting story about an art teacher looking for a piece of work that she saw when she was studying in Venice. I thought it was an okay story and wish I could travel that much.


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