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The Special Undertaking


In order to discover the identity of their new home's invisible resident, a country doctor and his young wife look to an antique music box for clues.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 4, 1975
  • Repeat - January 31, 1976





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11 Responses to Episode 0338

Weird.....good,but weird.

Randy Mc

Yes, a strange and slightly creepy story.


The Fleming's are a young couple who have moved west in the mid-1800's so the young man can be the town doctor for a small town. When they arrive, it has been arranged for them to live in a large old house that will be part home/part hospital. Just as quickly they start to have supernatural problems related to the house and a mystery will have to be unraveled. Reply With Quote

Giselle Mae

A young country doctor and his wife confront a ghost in their new home. An old, ornate music box is their only clue as to the ghost's identity.

Jamie Jamieson

I'll have to get back to this one... Digital glitching makes it unplayable on my portable.

Jusko Ragadio

A couple move to a small town where he will serve as a doctor. They are both welcomed and warned away. They find a music box that, when played, seems to conjure a spirit from the past. Hard to make out the real plot of the story because of the skipping and digital blips in my copy of the file.

Genebelle B.

This is a very good episode in the haunted house genre, with a little twist at the end. I have been listening to author Ian Martins episodes which I enjoy very much and I thank the Website owners for allowing search by author. Before the great author Ian Martin, I previously was listening to author Elspith Eric's episodes, as well as episodes by Nancy Moore and Henry Slesar, Bob Juhren, and Sam Dann. In this episode I was so happy to hear Jada Rowland who has a very pleasant voice. I find that I cannot listen to episodes where the actress's voice sounds older than her characters age. This is why I skip Mercedes McCambridge episodes. Thank you of course to the late Himan Brown for making this all possible!


A good haunting tale that didn't overdo it on the haunting part (which I appreciated). This is one that I could recommend to others.


Melanie. I thought it was just me. M. McCambridge is a fine film actress but I can't listen to her episodes for the same reason. Jada Rowland and Morgan Fairchild are my favorite younger actresses in the series.


Dr. Hank Fleming and his wife Susannah, while setting up his practice in a country mansion, hear strange stories about its previous occupants — how, childless for years, they finally had a daughter, born blind and mute, whose heart was later broken by the renegade son of their housekeeper. The daughter is presumed dead, but Susannah, hearing a music box amidst eerie cries for help, becomes convinced she’s still alive, somewhere on the vast estate.


Interesting and perceptive comments about Mercedes McCambridge. She does seem miscast in young romantic leads. I thought perhaps my discomfort was due to my knowledge that she was pushing 60 when performing these roles. Perhaps it was in part, but I believe that Melanie and Celine are on to something. She doesn't sound young. I can listen to her but have to give myself an extra nudge to suspend my disbelief. These radio dramas are perfect for commuting to and from work, although a couple of times when a car horn honks in an episode, I find myself looking in my rear-view mirror. LOL


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