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Little Lucy's Lethal Libation


Womens Lib runs amok. An advertising executive suspects that women plan to take over the world when his female boss assigns him to an account with an overbearing female client who shuns publicity.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 16, 1977
  • Repeat - October 30, 1977





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8 Responses to Episode 0666

Boy there's a scary one. I've got chills and don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight. Tell me it aint so, Grandpa, say its not so.

Randy Mc

BRYNA RAEBURN: "My name is Barko, Barko the mutt, and I love 'Yum, yummy' and nothin' else but "ruff ruff ruff". " LARRY HAINES: "Well, uh, it scans, doesn't it?" BRYNA RAEBURN: "It'll never get you buried in Westminster Abbey." Their dialogue as ad agency exec husband and wife in this program. Dave, I told you there's some amusing stuff in the RMT...especially when playwright Sam Dann's doing his stuff. Some of you all have reviewed another Larry Haines RMT called "The unthinkable", where he plays a laid off engineer who becomes a househusband and ends up plotting (with another stay at home dad) the ultimate bank robbery. "The unthinkable" in that play meant what it was for Haines' character to believe that a man would have to stay home while his wife brought home the bread. (I won't comment on the social implications there.) This episode takes the concept one step further. Haines, at the beginning of the play in a hospital for the criminally insane, tells his female doctor who reports to a female chief of staff appointed by his state's female governor, that he believes he's the victim of a plot by women to essentially take over the world. The plot: "Strip 'em (men) of their job. Rob them of their manhood. Take away their sanity." He confesses to the lady shrink that his troubles started when he was told to take over (by his female boss a.k.a. "Big Momma" (ANOTHER RMT play title)) the "Little Lucy's Lively Libation" (soft drink) account. He thinks it's a dead end to his career as a once rising ad agency exec. "Little Lucy" (also played by Raeburn...I thought for sure she'd be Evie Juster) is the queen of this beverage empire and she's also kind of a sad character. Haines says her picture (as a young girl) is on all LLLL bottles, and Lucy herself has that youngish face on an old woman's body (Haines wonders who her plastic surgeon is). She also insists on being called "Little Lucy". Pushing her husband to work that account is Raeburn as Haines' wife. She plays a critical role in the play which, unfortunately, sounds about 80% complete. Another one that, IMO, needed a few more minutes. Still an intriguing listen. (Sorry to be politically incorrect here but it's amusing if only to hear Earl Hammond as Little Lucy's, er, effeminate-sounding aide-de-camps.)

Norman Warrior

Perfect metaphorical narrative for episode 666! Is it a conspiracy? Or am I just being paranoid? No! They're everywhere!

J Stewart

It's tongue-in-cheek, not "tongue and cheek".




This is one of those rare tongue and cheek satire episodes that were rare and so wonderful on Radio Mystery Theater. I loved Sam Dann's sense of ironic humor. The cast led by the wonderful Larry Haines makes this one one of my favorites. It was a reflection of the times and performed with a bit of an eye wink. Give it a listen! Highly recommended.

Paul Liberti

I love Sam Dann he makes the best shows!!! I love the theme with 666 I'm watching it the day before Halloween at 10:00 at night whale I'm sleeping


Sort of like “The Handmaid’s Tale” in reverse.


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