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A Cage for Augie Karo


A seasoned thief discovers a way to pull off the perfect crime while in jail. A fellow prisoner hands him a special chemical that will allow him to sleep for centuries. But has he calculated how the world around him will change with the passage of time?



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 24, 1974
  • Repeat - December 17, 1974





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6 Responses to Episode 0165

Excellent first two acts. The ending is good - kind of both what I expected and a surprise too. Interesting commercials.


Auggie means gold, a bit transparent, eh?


"A Cage for Augie Karo" was just an alright listen. Nothing too dynamic to mention--3 stars.

Davy Joe

A hardened criminal comes into possession of magic dust that places the user into a centuries-long sleep, allowing the individual to escape the trials and tribulations of their current life and start fresh in a new era. The old man who bequeaths the dust says that over many centuries of use, he too has merely repeated the mistakes of the past and seems doomed to an eternity in jail. As I am listening more critically to these episodes, I'm finding several with weak endings. When I started listening to this episode, I thought that we would hear about this character in several ages. Rather, the entire episode was a build up to the use of this magic dust, and a brief, and unsatisfying description of the consequences. I think this script would have been much better had the character used the magic powder, and we could see the power of fate as the character, despite trying to reform, slips into, or is fated to repetition of life patterns.

Bryce J.

Not a bad episode. Sorta Twilight Zone-ish. Hard to believe he stayed near a rock and slept for 800 years but I've suspended reality plenty for CBSMT. I'm used to it.


Not a great episode, but not a bad one either. I was wondering at the end about the clothes and car as well, but it sounded like the alien woman created them for him. If she didn't take his powder, I suppose he could've slept more time. It does seem like an odd gift "from the gods". Sort of reminds me (in a way) of the ending to the movie AI.


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