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The Sensible Thing


After deciding to marry his assistant, a widower discovers that his wife is incapable of love and that she has a strange and unhealthy attachment to her dog.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 2, 1982
  • (No Repeat) - January 1, 1970





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5 Responses to Episode 1389

Absolutely zero fear you can hear. This episode can best be described as a sappy love story. Elspeth Eric wrote it--she is either hit or miss in keeping my interest. This episode was easy to listen to; it just lacked the mystery elements that are requisite to Mystery Theater stories. 3 stars.


I agree with Davy. No mystery story here. But I find the later years are less and less “spooky” or mysterious as the earlier years of CBS Mystery Radio. This was just ok. Nice enough story but no Mystery.


Excellent story. Lee Richardson’s acting stellar. Suspense coupled with a sweet story.


This is an opportunity to help my fellow man. If you are suffering from clinical depression, or just down in the dumps and suffering doldrums .. do not listen to this episode! It will drive you like lemmings to jump off a cliff. This episode is soo dreary and depressing, the actors deliver the lines in a dull monotone of listlessness that would make a zombie want to tear the hairs out of their heads! Even the music is so bleak that you probably couldn't find any bleaker music. Even if you are incredibly happy and on top of the world, do not listen to this episode! I was happy when I began listening to this episode and it ended with me looking up my psychiatrist's number! Not surprised this was written by Elspeth Eric.


Please listen and judge for yourself. This is one of my favorite episodes and I do suffer from depression. We all have different tastes, obviously. Just saying, listen for yourself and don’t take mine or anyone else’s opinion without listening for yourself.


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