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The Sinister Shadow


An unusual tale of how a timid woman chanced upon her doppelganger in a seedy bar, and how her double turned against her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 12, 1979
  • Repeat - August 2, 1979





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6 Responses to Episode 0953

This episode really doesn't have much to do with shadows. (A la "I thought I saw a shadow", which I still enjoy.) Teri Keane plays a woman who lives with her mother. Keane works at a bank as a teller...she's in her 30s and doesn't seem to be going very far in her life. At the intro segment before the first act, she talks about her shadow, and how she was fascinated by it following her, and how now she sees it anywhere she goes even on cloudy days, etc. However, it turns out she's talking to another lady. A psychiatrist? appears this woman is at a bar. In fact, it appears this woman is Keane's character's exact physical double. Keane's Mom desperately wants her daughter to meet a nice man, though she's tried to set her up in the past with no success. Mom's very happy that her daughter is apparently seeing someone on a regular basis. When Keane, who does a slow burn (a la "Beheading") on a path toward becoming unhinged, tells her Mom that she's been seeing a woman...well, this is one of the few episodes I've heard of in the RMT where the spectre of lesbianism is raised. (That's fueled later in the show right before one of the acts end when the other woman's voice tells Keane that they'll go "upstairs" in a minute.) Mom panics, but Keane just says essentially: "Mom, she's my double." However, Keane's character seems to be more intent on releasing her pent-up anger than pursuing a romantic relationship. This is an Elspeth Eric might be worth adding to your playlist if you're a "Keanophile". It, like "Beheading" also seems to have a ray of hope shining through the psychological dreariness.

Hans B.

This is another example of Ms Eric's brilliant writing style. When the double describes knocking the mother out with a chair and choking her to make sure she was dead, then explains that she meant nothing to her, and did not know her from "a hole in the wall." You have to love it!


Reminds me of the Davis girl, Bette in dead ringer! Was it the port or am I seeing double? The hollow, a seedy bar is where it all takes place- and not a cup of good cheer served that's for sure!! Quite disturbing is the mothers tale of woe but what of it? Watcha gonna do? It's dark and somber and that's that.


"the sinister shadow". This one was a bit more amusing, though, probably unintentionally.


I not a fan of most of the stories penned by Elspeth Eric but this story was a pleasant surprise and kept me engaged to the very intriguing end.


This is another example of Elspeth Eric's brilliant style!!!!

Gina Schackel

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