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Killer Crab


A mysterious sabotage causes the shuttle of Joe Harkness to crash. A robotic weapon called the "killer crab" is his only hope for salvation and revenge.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 30, 1982
  • Repeat - October 5, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1345

All do I describe this? It's a futuristic tale involving Joseph Harkness, an inventive miner (played by "The Luck Sisters" alumni Russell Horton) who lives on "Planet Vivian". Using "zeta power" techniques he's worked with on his job, he invents a 12 foot high robot, made out of titanium that looks like a gigantic horseshoe crab with retractable spider crab legs. (Fer kix both species are pictured above). He believes the military will want it as a weapon of the future (and he's right). He calls it "Joe's Killer Crab" or "K.C." for short. No kidding. To add to matters he has an inventor wife who wants out of her (marriage) "contract" (they have different names for things in the future) in order to marry another scientist who, while very polite, wants Joe dead. The new husband also, as Joe doesn't like us to forget, has a habit of pulling on his nose while thinking. I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead on this RMT-meets-the Jetsons-in-a-B-52s-nightmare-CD-track play, except to say it was a somewhat amusing if a bit hard to follow offering from the Tammy Grimes year of RMT. All it needed was a sign somewhere saying "Eat at Joe's".

Troy Montero

i remember a cassette tape where my dad had recorded this off the radio in 1982. :)


I rate this episode ★★★☆☆ for AVERAGE. James Agate Jr.’s storyline was more of a Drama tale, only in the space-age. It was easy to follow and good description on planet Vivian and Joe’s Killer Crab weapon, but the conflict between the inventor and his ex-wife seemed cliché where 1 wanted prosperity and the other wanted revenge. Suitable title, which could also be named as “Joe’s Killer Crab.” In our Host’s Prologue, Tammy Grimes discusses futuristic humans and this one involves of greed, jealousy, and murder. In ACT-1, the story takes place on planet Vivian in 2500 A.D. where 2 of our characters don’t obtain a happier lifestyle. In ACT-2, conflict grows where it’s 2 men + 1 woman = a domestic triangle. In ACT-3, after the conflict is over, Tammy Grimes states that Man has kept old fashioned conscience in the future. In her Epilogue, she recites Gonzalo’s lines from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest (Act 3, Scene 3) as a way to relate with this mystery story. It doesn’t, unfortunately. Her Epilogue should’ve had a Resolution on the relationships between the characters or see if Joe’s Killer Crab weapon will be beneficial for the planet Vivian many years and beyond. The music had dramatic and futuristic tunes that were supportive. ACT-1 and ACT-2 has sound effects of the Trans-Train spacecraft soaring, beeping noises, hole drilling, phone screen, voice printer running, Astro Car, crater bump, elevator platform, and power thrust. They were helpful for the storyline, but the final Act only had a loud vaporization sound and birds chirping. And then there’s our cast: Russell Horton (as Joseph Harkness), Ann Williams (as Ruth and voice of Killer Crab), Mandel Kramer (as Sam), and Robert Dryden (as Uncle Obadiah, Theodore T, and Mr. Povar). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays either a Doctor or Mr. Povar’s assistant. I’d give Robert Dryden props for playing 3 parts. Russell Horton as the inventor was good. Mandel Kramer was OK as a regular character. Ann Williams, playing as the divorcee Ruth, was wonderful, but her role as the voice of the Killer Crab weapon should’ve gone to someone that would sound more “robotic” like Earl Hammond in his performance in #1051-PRISONER OF THE MACHINES. But anyway, this space-age story is suitable and fans of Sci-Fi should check it out. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0]


Yet more Pretentious, Sanctimonious drivel from his Nibs Russell.... pay no attention to what he says. This is one excellent episode far from average.


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