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Double Exposure


A cop dies in an accident. His wife is mistakenly taken to be someone else by two people. Her friend tries to probe the facts as one of those people thinks that she is his former wife who left him and his children a decade ago.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 9, 1974
  • Repeat - November 3, 1974





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9 Responses to Episode 0145

A cop's widow is mistake by two people for somebody she's not. One claims that she is his ex-wife who abandoned him and their children ten years prior. Her cop buddy investigates.

Ben Ryan

A woman is approached on the street by a woman who is convinced she knows her and is disgusted at her actions. The woman is confused and denies that she knows to whom the stranger is referring. Moments later she is approached by someone else claiming to be her husband and pleading with her to come home to him and their two children. She is taken aback and goes the home she shared with her dead husband, a policeman paralyzed for many years in the line of duty and eventually died. His colleague keeps an eye on her and she confides the strange events to him. Is it possible for anyone to have a double so identical that even their own spouse is mistaken? Or is it something else?


Great episode. It was a love story with a number of different twists. I have a question for future listeners: did Susan ever get that exam to prove that she hadn't had children. I was called in the middle and didn't catch it. Anyway, great story that ended well. 4 stars.

Davy Joe

I agree with O'Neal. Family members can tell the difference between identical twins; they can surely tell the difference between unrelated people with a passing resemblance. Other than that, though, I enjoyed the episode. I was predicting the twist in which she turns out actually to have been the other woman, and was pleased to be wrong on that point. Mystery, no supernatural elements.


Sappy and sweet. Good writing and nice twist at the end.


A nice episode with no supernatural elements. I did find it hard to believe that two people could really look that much alike and not be related, but it is just a story. I did like how the cop friend was protective of her and investigated the guy for her, only to help bring the two together in the end.


@Davy Joe: She had the medical exam "off-camera." In the next scene, Susan is saying something along the lines of, "I've explained everything to you, given you actually evidence, but you're saying you still refuse to believe me?"


Remember, she has been missing for years, resemblance might not be as strong if they were side by side now.

Pat Dickerson

Susan Hollis, an attractive widow, is understandably shocked when a strange woman is positive she’s a former neighbor, and even more confused when a man identifies her as his former wife who disappeared mysteriously. Susan’s confusion is heightened by the fact that she once had amnesia and the man, Dan Roberts, claims to have met his wife in the same hospital in which Susan recovered. When Susan begins dating Roberts, her friend Detective Benton is convinced Roberts is attempting to get his hands on Susan’s wealth.


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