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The Dead Deserve to Rest


Distraught and grieving, a widow falls prey to an unscrupulous occultist who swindles her into believing he can help her reach out to beyond the grave.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 3, 1976
  • Repeat - June 22, 1976





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4 Responses to Episode 0425

A woman loses her husband in a car accident on the day of their wedding. The driver of the other car was a young man driving drunk. The father of the new widow pursues a civil suit for damages against the driver. Seeking some surcease of sorrow, she visits a quasi-religious mystic who claims he can set her mind and soul at rest. Hypnotizing her, he elicits personal information to use in pursuit of her new fortune.


Instead of giving away plot details, I would encourage commenters to please write the genre, if the episode was enjoyable, if it was supernatural or crime, if it had a surprise twist, if it was spooky, if it was scary, if they thought it was good. Please don't give away details of the plot, just a general sketch. I wish commenters in the future when commenting, would list some of their favorite episodes! Thank you! I love this site.


A fairly good episode in which someone tries to imply the supernatural (revealed quickly), but is it really there or not?


I agree with Melanie. I mean--is it really necessary to stay the plot of the episode? After all, there is a plot summary already. Unless you're giving an in-depth overview of the episode, just comment on some of the interesting things you noticed about the episode (enjoyable, cast, etc.).

Dan in South Jersey

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