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The Dead Deserve to Rest


Distraught and grieving, a widow falls prey to an unscrupulous occultist who swindles her into believing he can help her reach out to beyond the grave.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 3, 1976
  • Repeat - June 22, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0425

A woman loses her husband in a car accident on the day of their wedding. The driver of the other car was a young man driving drunk. The father of the new widow pursues a civil suit for damages against the driver. Seeking some surcease of sorrow, she visits a quasi-religious mystic who claims he can set her mind and soul at rest. Hypnotizing her, he elicits personal information to use in pursuit of her new fortune.


Instead of giving away plot details, I would encourage commenters to please write the genre, if the episode was enjoyable, if it was supernatural or crime, if it had a surprise twist, if it was spooky, if it was scary, if they thought it was good. Please don't give away details of the plot, just a general sketch. I wish commenters in the future when commenting, would list some of their favorite episodes! Thank you! I love this site.


Goodness yes ! When i read the comments I don't want a synopsis ! Talk about someone telling you the end of the movie; before you have seen it. I really like your idea of commenters recommendation of their fave too. Great Post :)


Great idea! I would like to hear other listeners faves. Some of my faves; A Choice Of Witnesses, Slave, Tell Tale Heart (different than original), Wayward Wind, Sandcastles, Help Somebody, The Rat, You’ll Like Rodney…


Almost forgot The Red Frisbee!


A fairly good episode in which someone tries to imply the supernatural (revealed quickly), but is it really there or not?


I agree with Melanie. I mean--is it really necessary to stay the plot of the episode? After all, there is a plot summary already. Unless you're giving an in-depth overview of the episode, just comment on some of the interesting things you noticed about the episode (enjoyable, cast, etc.).

Dan in South Jersey

Agree ! I try not to look because it spoils it for me, but sometimes I can't help it . I do like to see what others have to say but then I kick myself because everyone seems (almost) to like to recap (exactly like you mentioned ) but there already is a plot given ! if people want to give more of a plot review then they should start their comment by saying spoiler alert and they can say whatever they want but give people the option before it gets ruined // thank you /// I love this site so much


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. This Drama-Mystery, written by Ian Martin, was suitable and listeners would feel sympathetic to the main character for losing her spouse on the day of her wedding. Surprisingly, only 1 supernatural act came at the end. I think there should’ve been more mystic events into the story where her dead husband would communicate with her and we, the CBSMRT fans, would get to know more about him to see how much he cared for his bride. The Title works, but another way to name this episode would be “Marked For Tragedy” or “The Millionaire Widow.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall connects this tale to Captain Hook (from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan) where we deal with a crooked man that preys upon people going through pain. In ACT-1, quoting Robert Burns where some are marked for tragedy, especially our main character. In ACT-2, our main character is shocked and startled from the 1st Act’s chain of events and later, more twisted events have forged. In ACT-3, it ends with Poetic Irony. In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall wraps up the outcome of the remaining characters too quickly. Sure, there’s a happy ending for the main character, but our Host should’ve narrated more about an afterthought on what the main character just experienced. The sound effects of the wedding bells, wedding guest cheering in the background, tires screech, howling wind, wine bottle cork pop, glasses clinking, doors, footsteps, city streets, mailbox, organic tunes at the Temple, finger snap, the slap (at the 29:32 mark), and receiving line of the telephone were supportive. A variety of dramatic tunes were played and each track was supportive as well. I would say the best thing about this episode was the Cast: Jennifer Harmon (as Letisha Anne Meredith), Russell Horton (as Jim Henderson and Detective Gary Young), Martha Greenhouse (as Belle Henderson and Sister Maryse), William Redfield (as Tom and Dr. Payitkrishna), and Teri Keane (as Henrietta/Hank Plank). These 5 worked well together. Kudos to Russell Horton, Martha Greenhouse, and William Redfield that played 2 roles. Teri Keane was great and Jennifer Harmon was terrific as the leading lady. Anyone who is a fan of Jennifer Harmon’s work would enjoy this episode. SPECIAL BONUS: At the end of this episode, there’s a commercial of Ford Dealership. ANOTHER BONUS: The next episode preview you hear, is a scene from #0426-THE CHILDREN OF DEATH. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


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