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You Tell Me Your Dream


Two strangers suffer through a recurring dream at the same time in which they are attacked by a faceless predator. When Ed Larsen meets Mark Howgate, they learn of their shared problem and work together to unravel the dream's meaning. Little do they know that their troubles have just begun.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 9, 1982
  • Repeat - July 15, 1982





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11 Responses to Episode 1313

As entertaining as these stories tend to be, I never found many that were frightening. This might be an exception. The dream vs. reality story line is conveyed perfectly, so much so that it's often hard to tell where the story is going. Quite an episode, beautifully written.


This episode plays with the familiar "Is it real or is it a dream?" notion which has been used many times before (one notable example is TWILIGHT ZONE's "Shadow Play"), but with the fresh twist of two dreamers instead of one. That's a fascinating conceit, and holds the story quite well for most of its length--even if there are probably a couple more dream sequences than we really need, a product of the 45-minute length requirement that bedeviled so many RMT scripts. Unfortunately, the threads of this otherwise suspenseful tale never really weave together, and we're left with a frustratingly ambiguous ending in which, it seems to me, the story doesn't end so much as it simply stops. Some may hear in this ending an appropriately dreamlike ambiguity; I just felt it was a dramatic cheat, leaving far too much unanswered. Interestingly, although this episode indicates "Mary Renwick" as the writer of this script (as does the CBSRMT Episode Guide by Payton & Grams), Tammy Grimes informs us at the beginning that the author is, in fact, RMT stalwart Bob Juhren. Juhren's long career in radio went back to the golden age of OTR, with numerous scripts for series such as SUSPENSE, and he was certainly one of the more reliable writers in the RMT stable. Many people here probably already know this, but there is an *unproduced* Bob Juhren RMT script available for reading online. It's quite effective in its spooky way, and of course loyal RMT listeners will be able to fill in the music cues and sound effects as they read. It's fascinating to experience an RMT that might have been.


I agree, dramatic cheat. Unfinished left hanging. Good story though. It does make one ponder why some dreams seem SOOOO REAL......pleasant

Trina J

oops! my bad on the Bob Juhren ownership! nice catch


Ditto! That was neat.

A. Powers

I couldn't believe when it simply ended like that. I thought I'd fallen asleep and missed something. It seemed to just keep chasing a tail and finally unraveled with no resolution.

S. Jameson

That was a really good episode. I'm fond of stories concerning dreams because the very nature of dreams is unpredictable. I had no idea what was going to happen next throughout the story. A few people have mentioned their dislike with the ambiguous ending, but I don't have a problem with it at all. The uncertainty of the ending seems to echo the uncertainty that the two are experiencing on a regular basis. The show could do better at actually putting the audience in the character's shoes. In my opinion, the show could have been better if the lines between reality and dreams were blurred sooner and with less clarity. I think the suggestion that dreams are reality and reality could be dreams at the end was very thought provoking. It made me re-listen to the story with a new perspective. The second evaluation, however, made me notice things that really don't make sense in the story. I really don't get the scene where the protagonist, his wife, and co-worker are getting rammed by the boat. If it is real life, how does this fit in with the rest of the story? It just seems very random.


This is so far the best episode I have heard, by far.


A few aspects of this episode distinguished it from others. (1The acting was fantastic. (2)The sound effects were campy, but fun for 1982. (3) You can really tell the difference in the episode's recording from that of the earlier episodes. My guess is that this episode was from an FM station instead of AM. 4 stars.


One of the best episodes great acting suspense all the way through!


great episode. one of my faves...ending worked for me...only wish their were more like this one!


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