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Les Miserables (3 of 5) - No Escape


In order to escape the obsessed Javert, Valjean flees to France and there stumbles across the missing Collette in a monastery. He tells her the secret of her past.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 13, 1982
  • Repeat - June 9, 1982





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5 Responses to Episode 1277

Beautifully done with two terrific performances from Alexander Scourby as Valjean, and Bernard Grant as Javert. The only weak link being Amanda Plummer (an actress I admire onscreen) as Cosiettte. Her voice just doesn't come across that well, and she does not bring any real conviction to the role. She sounds too modern or something. Nevertheless, this is a splendid production, and the best I've come across since the famous March/Laughton movie.


I have been enjoying these episodes. It brings me back to when I was growing up I never missed an episode and since then I have missed listening them . I was happy to discover I can listen to these episodes again as it is equally exciting each and everytime I listen to them . Thank you


Les Miserables I am sure is better as a musical and as a movie. This adaptation just swims in mediocrity. At one point in this, the 3rd of a 5 part series, two attorneys began speaking in a park. Their accents were American English--so much so that I thought that I had inadvertantly down-loaded another episode. There voices didn't match their French characters. And the actress that played Cosiette (Amanda Plummer)--in an attempt to sound young, she sounds light and breathless. To be more direct, she sounded like an airhead. All that said, this episode is still an average listen for Mystery Theater. 3 stars.


Hi I love this


I think this has been a great production so far. We read this story in high school, and I certainly enjoyed hearing it on the RMT!

Jim K.

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