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A Handful of Dust


The mysterious tale of an ancient curse placed upon a woman and her descendants by a Pharaoh's wife whom she had entombed alive.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 20, 1981
  • Repeat - January 27, 1982





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4 Responses to Episode 1261

this is my favorite episode. ironically, it was te only one I ever heard. I was just a kid then of 13 years old. I heard it when it first aired, the the second time it aired, i recorded the rebroadcast that aired after midnight. I had a fan on in the background, and I dubbed it from tape to tape, then to a vhs tape, and finally to a tape in 1998, which I still have. of couse it runs faster then it did originally. it also sounds horrible. once I move to my new apt, I'll download it and make a donation. (blough rhymes with How

Joe Blough

I rate this episode ★★★★★ stars for EXCELLENT. Bravo to Ian Martin for writing an episode that combines Drama-Mystery & Fantasy-Mystery into one. It seems that he put a lot of time in doing research of Ancient Egypt and the people who lived in those times. Adding the conflict of these Ancient characters to link with these 20th Century characters is like tuning in to an adventurous Soap Opera on CBSRMT. Another way to title this episode, would be “Marked For Death,” “The Interlopers,” or “Undying Curse.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall gets straight to point, which is Egypt. In ACT-1, references to Egypt's remains and a fair beginning to what happens when you mix Egypt, an Eclipse, and a Curse into one. In ACT-2, points out how long an Eclipse lasts and how it affects people from the past and present. As we get deeper into the story, our Host questions about our female protagonist. In ACT-3, the meaning of Metempsychosis. After our finale, E.G. Marshall's earnest answer if it's possible that we are reincarnations restored from a past life? His answer: "I can't give you answers. I bring you the stories. You decide what they mean." In his Epilogue, the Resolution of what was inside the tomb, including a handful of dust. His narrations, especially after the final Act, were meaningful and informative. The sound effects of the roaring thunder, airplane engine, seat buckle, footsteps, Jeep engine, howling wind, radio phone beeping, doors, hard rain pouring, sound of the Harp, bell clang, stepping stone, statue toppled, explosion, and the tomb collapsing were beneficial on an epic level! Music was fantastic. The variety of orchestrated tunes that made the scenes get more drastic and more climactic! And bravo to our cast: Paul Hecht (as Hank Theodore), Teri Keane (as Queen Mersegret and Marsha Theodore), Jada Rowland (as Vanessa and Princess Nishtari), and Ian Martin (as Dr. Conrad Theodore, Selim, the Pharaoh, and Setsut). Kudos to Ian Martin again for putting a lot of effort into this episode, including playing 4 different characters. Jada Rowland is my favorite CBSRMT actress and it's always a delight to hear her on the series. Teri Keane, playing 2 antagonists, gives a captivating performance! And Paul Hecht, as the leading man, wonderful! There are many CBSRMT episodes involving Egypt and this is one of the best radio mysteries to enjoy. I highly recommend it. Plus, this has nostalgic commercials of Hamburger Helper, Pat Summerall for True Value Hardware, Chef's Kitchen, Metamucil Laxative, Whitman's Chocolates, Northwest Federal All Savers CD Tax Savings, Ella Fitzgerald singing "Talk To The Children," WBBM-Chicago, Kawasaki Snowmobile, Kodak Sweepstakes, Pet Ritz Pie Shells, and Raven House Mystery books. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


I like this hidden gym from Egypt! Another Wu Banger!!!

Scooter D & last of the Greens

This was a fantastic, atmospheric episode; however, I found one plot hole. SPOILER: Our female protagonist, Vanessa, claims to have been tinkering around the tomb when the dad was killed, but we know she was with Hank (the son) right before and during the eclipse? Based on the timeline of the murder plot, this would be impossible. Also, Vanessa seems surprised when she initially hears the news; she only has a premonition that something bad is about to happen. Despite this, I found the episode quite enjoyable with great performances by the entire cast.


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