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Death Is So Trivial


A man dies in a road accident and vows to devote his afterlife to stopping hit and runs.



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 7, 1975
  • Repeat - April 26, 1975





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6 Responses to Episode 0220

A man receives a fatal blow when he is struck by a car. His soul lingers in Limbo and before giving up the ghost, he seeks to make a contribution to the living.


A young man is struck by a car and killed. His soul is about to spring off to join the celestial choir when a feeling of anger, power, and strength comes over him. He is furious that he is dead, particularly about the senseless way he died. He decides to commit his afterlife to preventing all trivial deaths. At first it seems an easy job, but proves larger than he imagined. At the same time, his corpse lay on a table in the medical examiner’s office and appears to reflect the actions he performs beyond the grave.


Another paranormal story with a romantic twist, courtesy of Elspeth Eric

Gina Schackel

This episode was worth the listen, even if only for the quote at the end. I rewound this more than 10 times to hear it. If you don't listen to the episode, at least read the narrator's take on death, as he closed the tale: "Why couldn't it be that the soul lingers for a while? As long as no one really knows for sure what the soul does when stripped of its body, why not pretend? Why not imagine that it leaves the body gracefully and a little regretfully, pausing to consider what it is losing, before dashing off to see what it is gaining."


A paranormal story, but not overly comedic nor dramatic (or even horrific). I agree with Mike that the quote on the end is very nice. A reflection of your life at your death is interesting, but would it not be better to live your life to its fullest while living? Most of us (myself included) aren't able (or don't have the time) to do this.


I loved this one. Not too many of these have a good vibe to them. I like all the dramas but get really tired of demons and the like. Nice to have a good one every now and then.

Crystal Allen

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