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Mirror, Mirror


Jessica Chapman and Clare Connor were once roommates at Stapleton Academy. Jessica is shocked to find that Clare who was once "fairest of them all" has been terribly scarred by a bleak marriage and a dysfunctional relationship with her child. However, what haunts her most is the memory of the golden mirror she gave her friend, and she embarks on a journey to discern what part it has played in the tragedy of Clare's life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 28, 1976
  • Repeat - June 18, 1976





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9 Responses to Episode 0422

I love this tale even though it's more a woman's story.Elspeth Eric writes first class fiction.First class acting,too.

Michel David

An odd couple of kids befriend each other at their boarding school. One is an eccentric and fanciful girl from a poor neighborhood, the other, a more 'grounded' girl from a more affluent part of town. Out of friendship, the affluent girl makes a gift of an expensive mirror the eccentric girl fell in love with on one of their window shopping expeditions. Throughout their lives, the poor girl became more and more wealthy and influential, and covetous.


A pretty good tale about friendship and narcissism. Some people do draw others to them, but it's interesting in this tale it's a very small group. I did find it interesting when the main character found her friend using her techniques that she didn't do anything - I guess she really wasn't all that interested after all.


Oh EG-If you been a bit prettier I would have kissed you for the clossing comments:)-a world full of babies grown old. And these days neurotic at best! Misha Allport-Fortaleza, Brasil

Misha Allport

I thought this was interesting. There was a nod to Joan Crawford in this episode. It was written by Elspeth Eric. Elspeth was good friends with Mercedes McCambridge, who could NOT sand Joan Crawford.


"A peach of a girl." "Can you tie that?" "They thought of me as a drip." "Nutty." "Not that I give a hoot." "You're going to think I'm a heel." One of the best things about this episode is the dialogue. Writer Elspeth Eric really gets the verbal affectations of the private school/country club set down. I knew people who spoke this way and it's little touches like this that make the characters here ring true. The mentions of plastic surgery are also prescient.

Days of Broken Arrows

This is one of the better stories of the series. It is simple. There are three main characters. The story has a coherent plot. It makes one think about what truly makes one happy. It is not how others may perceive us, but how we internally feel about our status in life.


A fairly typical soap opera for fans of romance. I made it through 41 minutes wondering why this script belonged with the intro of E.G. Marshall's screeching door and his tales of the macabre? It was only the final 1 minute climatic line of "She looked into her mirror and she seen ..." well, I won't give away the climatic line, but that is the only macabre thing in this story.


One of the better episodes. Nothing scary but definitely intriguing! I was hooked until the end!

Elizabeth F

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