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The threat of nuclear war forces a group of people to take refuge in the bomb shelter of their neighbor. As tension rises, the shelter's owner spreads ill will amongst the camp's members.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 19, 1982
  • Repeat - July 26, 1982





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8 Responses to Episode 1317

Enjoyable. I wouldn't be surprised if the author didn't borrow from his himself, or his work wasn't explored even for another story. The older guy knew full well he wanted a dog fight over his wife which is understandable. Do, why not just have called the two cheaters out, and ask them what they were going to do about their affair because you were going to stand for it one more minute? Looks like a war within a war I don't think Petra is much of a Prize for either man.


This was a fantastic episode which left me with a multitude of questions. The biggest question that I had at episode's end is what would the freshly rejected Warren do? Would he take back the older, very confused Petra--who chose safety and security over love? Or would he start off anew? Personally, I would recommend to the young man to move on to the healing waters of a new woman. This was a fun episode to listen to. 5 stars with high recommendations.


This sounds like a redo of one of the original Twilight Zone episodes.


I’ve been renovating a house in the Netherlands for 4 months and these episode’s have kept me great company - much better than modern radio. This one was great. The casting of the voices was perfect.


Even with its dated Cold War theme, SHELTER is a fantastic ‘what if’ story with strong performances and a tension-charged claustrophobic scenario that holds the listener’s attention throughout. Within Henry Slesar’s sci-fi yarn – which has global catastrophe overtones reminiscent of Radio Theater’s dark and entertaining modernized version of Poe’s MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (episode 201 by George Lowthar) – a wealthy media mogul invites his wife’s lover into his private fallout shelter to ride out a nuclear Armageddon. As things get progressively worse outside, the tension within the love triangle builds until wife Petra must make a life and death decision between the two contentious alpha males. As always, Slesar fills 45 minutes with quality dialogue and spell-binding situations, culminating with a fatal twist on par with the climax of his opus, MURDER PREFERRED. When I think about my favorite Radio Theater episodes, more often than not Henry Slesar is the auteur – for more of Slesar’s sci-fi greatness, check out PRISONER OF THE MACHINES. SHELTER earns 4 out of 5 stars – JUROR #4.


This episode was quite great until the opening moments of the third act. A wave of disappointment washed over me from that point all the way until the closing narration. *spoilers* This episode is clearly a rip off of the Twilight Zone episode One More Pallbearer and (to a far lesser extent) The Shelter.

Jordan N

No Tammy, he didn't leave her, he was thrown out, but she had a choice and decided, in effect, to leave him. Nice try.

Michael Allport

This one is definitely a good episode! Sounds about right considering how people have been through out the covid 19 dog and pony show with Toilet paper. Greedy, and Selfish with no thought for each other.

Juror #13

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