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To Kill with Confidence


While traveling across the country, a couple of newlyweds are forced to stop at a nearby town due to engine trouble. The wife makes a quick visit to the local stores to grab lunch and comes back to find that both her husband and the repair shop have mysteriously vanished.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 3, 1974
  • Repeat - August 23, 1974





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Ok downloaded 100 of 1399, its 1.08 GB, not bad. didn't take to long. I am going to love these. Thank you CBS and whomever is responsible for this site. I listen to these when I was 15 back in 1980, I know I didn't listen to the show 1399 times then but I will now. That would be almost 4 years at one a night. I will do a review when I listen, should be next year at one a night. LOL I will donate some cash to this site.


@ Brian, you are so right ! And funny !


I remember listening to these when I was a little kid and got my first a.m. radio. I must have discovered the show after listening to a Minnesota Twins game. It ran at 9pm locally so I couldn't see it every night, but I've burned though this first 100 since November! LOL


Well, it was on radio, so it was only natural you couldn't see it! But we do all create our own unique visuals when listening, so in a sense we really do "see" these shows.


Something in this one did not add up for me. It was made to seem that the husband was setting the wife up, but then the hubby gets kidnapped, and he claims the wife set him up. But if the wife set him up, why was she so insistent that the police help her? Perhaps the husband was trying to rip her off, but then he fell into the wrong hands.


Yeah, I had the same thought after listening. An entertaining episode that carried you along, but the ending was unsatisfying to me.


There were enough clues for me to guess the true culprit relatively early in the episode. Crime drama, no supernatural elements.


I'm with Ron on this. So did she do it? Then why was she so desperatly trying to find him? Why would she give the detective all the info he'd need to find him? I thought the husband was wrong and just went crazy, but then why the heck was she arrested and jailed at the end? My least favorite episode so far.


A businessman who is inept at all things except for business makes a merger proposition with a young lady at the advice of his doctor. He learns the meaning of love when he is stranded in another time.


A newlywed couple traveling across the country has car trouble and stops in a small town for repairs. She leaves him to go have lunch. When she comes back, her husband, the mechanic, and the garage are gone. The suspense is outstanding and the plot twist masterful.

Hermil Tanner

Too bad the show didn't run 10 years and then a story about what happened at the prison gate.


Newlyweds pull in to a small town to check out strange noises in their car. The wife goes shopping for 90 minutes while the husband stays with the station attendant to make sure they’re not ripping him off. When she returns, the station is abandoned, and she is told it has been that way for several years. The police investigate and find her story hard to believe. What happened to the station? What happened to her husband?


This one was a good mystery that really kept you guessing. Would it have some supernatural twist? Or turn out to be just a more conventional plot to trick either the husband or the wife? (Who, for most of the story we're compeled to believe is the victim in all this). Interesting , too, that the part of Ruth is portrayed by Marian Seldes-- who usually isn't cast as a villian in this series. Another RMT reminiscent of earlier radio dramas-- most notably the "Suspense" episode "Cabin B-13" with Margo. Only difference being-- the wife is an innocent victim to the missing husband's (unsuccessful, fortunately) murder scheme.


Well . . . the last few minutes, or even the last act seemed rather arbitrary to me. It seemed like any of ten different endings could have been written for the program, and the ending used was puzzling. If in fact the lady is the guilty party, then why does she bother doing all the things she does in acts one and two? The ending means that she wouldn't be doing the things she does in the first two acts of the play. And the ending itself is straight from The Maltese Falcon, almost word for word. A strange and not really satisfying tale for me, to say the least . . .

M. Montano

good sound is always a plus - must listen to this one

D. Perdue

The third act made absolutely no sense whatsoever, which made act one and two a big waste of time. I have no idea why anyone would praise this episode. D. Perdue is absolutely correct. I listened to parts again and again and can not put it together. If the voice acting and production were not so compelling, it would have a been a complete waste of time listening. Its a shame.

chad brown

The third act made absolutely no sense whatsoever, which made act one and two a big waste of time. I have no idea why anyone would praise this episode. D. Perdue is absolutely correct. I listened to parts again and again and can not put it together. If the voice acting and production were not so compelling, it would have a been a complete waste of time listening. Its a shame.

chad brown

Chad, it actually makes perfect sense. The first two acts were simply what the wife wanted the police to think. She wanted to play the part of the wronged wife to deflect blame from her.


Hi Hayley, I actually did understand that. The question is, what did she do? If she set up her husband then what did she get out of it? What proof did the police have so quickly in such a complicated matter? And where was the husband while they looked for him? How can they prove she did anything wrong that warrants a 10 year sentence. The thing just didnt tie together at all. It full of holes. But I love the production and acting....

chad brown

The ending was really satisfying after a head-scratcher of a story. Spoiler alert: If she were the culprit, WHY was she so insistent on finding the husband? She had to have ZERO back story to explain her presence in the town. She could have gone shopping in the mall or stayed in the back garage or, jeez, ANYthing. Just NOTHING to gain by looking for the husband--or, rather, getting others to help her find him. She knew where he was the whole time, yet insisted the police follow up on the ONE clue that was the weak link in the whole disappearance act. Unsatisfying.


What is very interesting about this radio play is Marion Seldes\\\'s performance. She plays it completely as though she had no idea. To the very end she denies ever being involved... so the end is a little more ambiguous than you might think ... thanks to her brilliant performance. Whether it is written that way or not.. she never allows you to think she was part of the set up... so the question is... what really did happen? That is a much more satisfactory way to look at the play... thanks to a very smart actress. I only wish the brilliant Larry Haines was in on that interpretation and maybe he could have adjusted his performance at the end to leave it hanging. Both Great RMT actors... glad they got to do this together. One of my all time favorite episodes!


Good story to make a film


Awesome story. 5 stars. I was amazed at the acting and the writing in this episode. It totally enthralled me. I felt just a bit bad for Leo, whom I spent most of the episode hating. He did marry for love--and who knows, maybe in 1984 (10 years later), he and his wife did reunite.


I don't understand how the wife could've made the car have a weird sound just as they were pulling into the town where she was in on a trap. I understand why she went to jail (as an accessory to a kidnapping), but I don't understand why she bothered with the phone call as there was no record of the call (unless it WAS just bad judgment getting the phone). It was still an interesting listen to how she kept at her story, but it was her story that was her undoing in the end.


I have the same questions. Why bother temporarily putting in a phone for a kidnapping? Why did she have to call the garage? It makes me wonder if she was innocent and Leo got it all wrong at the end.


One of the top 3 of all time!! Keeps you guessing the whole time and just when you think you have it figured out it goes the opposite direction. Great writing and acting. Definitely worth your time. Enjoy!


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. This Drama-Mystery, written by Sam Dann, was going smoothly in ACT-1, edge-of-your-seat-mysterious in ACT-2, but it came crashing down in ACT-3. It was going so well, thinking the disappearance of the missing husband might’ve been a fantasy created by the wife or maybe she lost her husband because some Supernatural Element took him away. But instead, the twist in the final Act changed everything. It’s everyone’s guess on what the Resolution will be. If CBSRMT was on the air for 10 years, Sam Dann could have written a Sequel to this story and call it “TO KILL WITH CONFIDENCE AGAIN” or “THE RETURN OF MR. & MRS. RENNARD.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall talks about suspense and terror like he’s Rod Serling. In ACT-1, we meet our 2 main characters: the newlyweds, followed by wondering if the missing spouse is a nightmare, an illusion, or a reality? In ACT-2, after catching up to speed in the previous Act, he asks did the situation happened at all? In ACT-3, catching up in the previous Act again, but more importantly, what will happen to the characters 10 years from now? In his Epilogue, there is nothing. It’s been cut out! We may never know what our Host said. But what we do know, is that the music tracks were very suspenseful and the sound effects of the car engine running, background noise at the station, dialing of the payphone, traffic noise, taxi radio, car doors, footsteps, door pounding, handbag, padlock, patrons and dinner music playing at the restaurant, receiving phone line ringing, the slaps, and the punches were superb in this story. And of course, our talented cast: Marian Seldes (as Ruth Rennard and the Sergeant), George Petrie (as Lieutenant Powell), Larry Haines (as Leo Rennard/Leo Wallace), and Gilbert Mack (as Frank, Taxi Driver, and the Doctor). Kudos to Gilbert Mack for playing a variety of roles. Larry Haines is terrific as always for playing characters that are edgy. George Petrie’s role as the hero was great. And Marian Seldes stole the show as the compassionate, yet anxious wife. Her role in this episode was wonderful as her roles in #0344-NIGHT OF THE HOWLING DOG and #0508-THE GOLDEN PEOPLE. Check this episode out. Plus, it has commercials for Sine-Off Sinus Tablets, Buick Apollo, Goldilocks and 7UP, Shop Rite, Anheuser-Busch Budweiser, AAMCO Transmission, Kellogg’s Special-K cereal, New York Graphic Society’s word on “A Clutch of Vampires” book by Raymond T. McNally, and CBS Radio News on Richard Nixon. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


It was a fun episode. I had one qualm with the plot which I’ll try to say without being a spoiler. Why didn’t the wife just leave after dropping her husband off at the garage? Mission accomplished, why involve anybody else with a crazy story? Normally I let illogical plots pass, otherwise the story couldn’t happen, but this one bugged me a little.


Good point. I was wondering why she had to call the garage as part of the plan, but she could have left Leo there and gone home.


Still loving these stories. Pure fun and enjoyment!


Fantastic episode! Keeps you guessing right down to the last minute.


To many coincidences to make the episode work. Anything with marion seldes is worth a listen!!


An intriguing episode. She set him up from the very beginning until she was caught in the end. The question is why she worked so hard at acting confused. At first i was thinking alien or supernatural events, but it's greed and money the two oldest pitfalls. I can't figure out why she didn't just leave, no marriage, no teaching her to him really. If it weren't for her no one would have missed him at all. An odd episode but the sound effects were great and Marian Seldes was really convincing that she really wanted to find him. Also the news was great at the end and really enjoyed the commercials.


Loved all of these old shows during the Golden age of Radio!! Thankful to have grown up when I did, kids don't have time for imagination Today like We did back then. 5 stars!


Probably the most extreme example of a rushed ending I’ve heard. Nothing about the transition to the finale felt organic to the story.

Jordan N

Pretty good story and production up until the nonsensical ending. I’m listening to these in order and hope this was an unfortunate anomaly for Sam Dann


So according to EG (at both the start and end), marriage is between men and girls. Here I thought it was between adults. Terrible ending to this episode. I really thought she was going to end up with detective. Others have pointed out the holes in this story. Yep, gaping holes. Not a good one.


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