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Fool's Gold


Wreck-diving for sunken treasure has always been his greatest obsession. A new adventure seduces a hapless college professor with the possibility of a huge haul that comes with a heavy price- cursed gold.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 9, 1976
  • Repeat - August 25, 1976





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5 Responses to Episode 0466

A college professor indulges his obsession diving for treasure on wrecked ships. His latest adventure promises a great payoff. However, the gold is cursed.


A couple interested in scuba diving search out the riches believed to be held in the remains of a ship lost at sea more than a century earlier. His obsession with the fortune is deeper set than hers and she pleads with him to be safe, take fewer risks, and heed the warnings of the locals aboard who tell tales of doom associated with the fortune.

Jhomel M.

A fairly decent story about what matters most to you in life, which the couple in the story have to discover along with some treasure.


Hank Leavitt, oceanographer and scuba diver, has come into possession of a 150-year-old map which he believes shows the exact spot in the Caribbean where Capt. Lafitteā€™s ship, the Marie Sanglante, laden with gold, foundered and sunk. Finding this fabulous lost treasure has become an obsession with Leavitt, but when he, aided by his young wife, Jinx, is finally successful, he has the ghost of the famous pirate, who has his own ideas about the gold, to contend with.


This story was tedious. I had to stop it near the end of chapter 2 because it amounted to nothing more than a man and wife arguing over whether or not to dive for some gold.

Mark A

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