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The Other Soul


On a trip to Greece, a young doctor is given a card with something written in Greek. When he attempts to get it deciphered by showing it to others, they get to know a dirty secret about him that they cannot divulge.



Air Dates

  • First Run - August 25, 1978
  • Repeat - February 27, 1979





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10 Responses to Episode 0884

Best episode ever at least through 884 of them. IT drew me in and I was late for work, I had to hear it in it's entirety!

Jaime Gonzales

Goodness!! Another great episode that I am the first to comment on!!! Third in a row, how odd. First Silver Medal, then Flash Point, and now this, The Other Soul. This story was very intriguing, it doesn't turn out how you expect ! There are several episodes that begin on expeditions or group hikes into caves and ancient ruins, but this is much different! An early clue is easily glossed over when the doctor is questioned by the police. Really quite dark.


Greece....Rome....they're all the same....whatever.


Awesome episode! Happy Halloween wit greens! What does the card say???? Stay tuned!'n

Scooter D & wonder greens

Cbsrmt is now educational. In all my years I never knew the Catacombs of Rome were located in Greece. Thanks for the info, RMT. I learn something every day.


The same night this was broadcast, on T.V. was the Leonard Bernstein 60th birthday celebration live from the Wolf Trap Farm Park:


Wow!That was suspenseful,terrifying and made me think. One of the most unique/best episodes here.


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. What’s great about this mystery story, written by Gerald Keane, is that it keeps you guessing every minute. The less we know, the better the mystery. I was surprised about the ending, but not intrigued. I was expecting that the main character would later translate the Latin words on his own and receive some kind of premonition, like he would be named as “The Chosen One” and would travel deeper in the Catacombs of Rome to find another soul that was meant for him. But in this particular ending, it was occult-related. Still, it took me by surprise. Other ways to title this mysterious episode would be “The Undesirable Alien” or “The Card In Red Ink.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall is intrigued by the unexplainable; a look into the unknown. In ACT-1, into the Roman Catacombs where our story begins. After the turn of events, E.G. Marshall commented about Julius Caesar for being superstitious. In ACT-2, questions pop up more and more and learn there’s an enemy of our main character we haven’t met yet. In ACT-3, there’s still an unknown force at work here. After the surprising finale, which to be considered unbelievable, our Host asks if we have ever felt an urge/desire difficult to control and afflicted with another soul? In His Epilogue, E.G. Marshall states it perfectly clear: What we don’t know, makes a far better story. That, I agree with. The sound effects of tourists murmuring, elevator bell ding, doors, telephone ringing, traffic noise, hospital elevator beeps, closing the shades, vital sign monitor beeping, car engine running, and bell tolls were OK. But the music was more absorbing. A series of dramatic and occult tunes that made every plot point get more suspenseful. The cast in this was excellent: Russell Horton (as Dr. Adam Clay Parks and Catacombs Tour Guide), Mandel Kramer (as Dr. Lawrence/Larry Cain), Anne Williams (as Elaine Parks and Gabriella), and Jackson Beck (as Carlo, the Hotel Manager, and Sergeant Mario). SPECIAL NOTE: Himan Brown plays the role of the Police Officer. I was impressed by Anne Williams and Jackson Beck with their accents. Russell Horton was terrific as the leading man glued with a mysterious conflict. And Mandel Kramer is good at his performances when he plays characters that are concerned and careful. Tune in to this one, for it is truly a mystery tale that keeps you guessing all the way to the very end. Until next time…pleasant dreams.


It's a trip to Rome, not Greece. And, the note was written in Latin, not Greek. Part of the plot was that it was hard to find someone who could read the card. Latin in any country is far more obscure than Greek writing would be in Greece.


The first Italian speaker sounded like he was trying to come off as a vampire.


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