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The Glass Bubble


Believing it gives her the power to foresee death, a young woman isolates herself in a sterile glass room.



Air Dates

  • First Run - April 23, 1979
  • Repeat - September 25, 1979





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6 Responses to Episode 0973

An excellent tale by Elspeth Eric centered on a woman who has a sixth sense. Her sister becomes a houseguest, after a falling out with her husband, and demonstrates peculiar behavior. We learn the genesis of the behavior in the final and compelling act.


Great story even though it was terribly sad. Ending was satisfying yet open to interpretation. It'll be up to each individual listener to determine what the "real" story was.

Forrest Grey

Not just one of the best episodes from CBSRMT, one of the best radio plays ever. The script by Elspeth Eric is amazing, but few could have nailed it as well as Teri Keane. In this episode: She. Is. Amazing. Give it a chance, she owns this and makes you feel like you are there. Immersive.


Even though some people seem to like this episode, for me it's one of the worst ever. It has a weird story, weird characters, and really bad storyline. It starts out passable, with too much talking, and then it goes downhill from there, and the ending is the worst part. At least there wasn't an evil cat in the story this time. That's all I'll say because I'm trying to be good and not give the ending away. The bottom line is that this is one of my most unfavorite episodes of all time.


I usually have to brace myself a little bit when I see Elspeth Eric is the writer. But, I have to say that her stories really capture a lot of the culture of the 1970s. I was a teenager then, and I listened to these shows every single night. I loved any kind of talk radio - while my friends all listened to music, I listened to things like this. And ESP, and horoscopes and the power of the brain beyond what any of us imagined - all seemed to be everpresent in so many different aspects of those years. So, when I hear a story like this - while I brace myself for the kind of story that gets so tangled up in emotion and extra-body mystical stuff - I do remember those days of my youth.


This episode is absolutely astonishing, had me transfixed from the start. Incredible performance from Teri Keane. I could not believe this was RMT. Unable to sleep after this one.

Melanie S

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