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The Face of the Waters


Set in Louisiana at the turn of the century, a man develops an unhealthy attraction to his niece and ward. Competition for her affections comes in the form of the family driver.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 15, 1982
  • Repeat - June 1, 1982





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6 Responses to Episode 1302

Jeez this is a strange story. A weird journey that kept me listening all the way through . . . but in retrospect I don't think I'd actually call it interesting! And that's weird in itself. It seems to ring a bell with some half forgotten story I've heard somewhere before. Is it lifted from one of the ancient Greek tales perhaps? The story of a bitter miserly uncle (Midas?) and the betrayal murder of a younger man . . . that really does seem familiar. Spoiler here. The resurection of the young man at the end . . . that really beggers belief. Unconsious, buried in soil, until a flooding river revives and saves him!!?? Not the sort of thing that happens every day. Why not have him recover from a multiple stabbing, gunshots, and poisoning at the same time as well?

John Armenal

I am betting the same writer wrote this and "The Raft" - similar plotline at one point. The resolve was way too fast after a slow buildup throughout the story.


A decent episode but the story wasn't quite rich enough to fill 45 minutes. This is an example of a show that would've been better in 2 acts than three. And the ending did seem a bit rushed which is odd given that they had to much time to work with and I thought the pace was slow throughout most of the show.


I had no trouble staying interested, but found the payoff poor and unbelievable.


Creepy--an uncle with such heavy feelings for his attractive niece. This was a very entertaining episode well worth the listen. The ending was not the strongest, but effective in the fact that the rich uncle--that Sicko--got his in the end. 4 stars.


I nominate this ep as one of the most unbelievable. The writer of this piece must have been in complete la la dream land. Here is just an example that might be a spoiler. The young man who claims to be fit and a good fighter sends in his resignation to the 50-year-old man in the morning. Later on that day even though he quit he still has to go to the property and fix the car engine. He has a confrontation with the old guy. Thinks he is being attacked. Threatens to throw his hammer at him. By a stroke of bad luck the hammer hits the post holding up the hood and the hood smashes down on the young man who still had his head under the hood even though he thought he was under attack and threw the hammer. This led to his being buried and to the unbelievable ending. When you hear that and think huh? Then you really can't be surprised by what the ending brings. CBS's final season and I guess the quality scripts were few and far between and they were accepting any old thing.


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