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The Face of the Waters


Set in Louisiana at the turn of the century, a man develops an unhealthy attraction to his niece and ward. Competition for her affections comes in the form of the family driver.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 15, 1982
  • Repeat - June 1, 1982





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5 Responses to Episode 1302

Jeez this is a strange story. A weird journey that kept me listening all the way through . . . but in retrospect I don't think I'd actually call it interesting! And that's weird in itself. It seems to ring a bell with some half forgotten story I've heard somewhere before. Is it lifted from one of the ancient Greek tales perhaps? The story of a bitter miserly uncle (Midas?) and the betrayal murder of a younger man . . . that really does seem familiar. Spoiler here. The resurection of the young man at the end . . . that really beggers belief. Unconsious, buried in soil, until a flooding river revives and saves him!!?? Not the sort of thing that happens every day. Why not have him recover from a multiple stabbing, gunshots, and poisoning at the same time as well?

John Armenal

I am betting the same writer wrote this and "The Raft" - similar plotline at one point. The resolve was way too fast after a slow buildup throughout the story.


A decent episode but the story wasn't quite rich enough to fill 45 minutes. This is an example of a show that would've been better in 2 acts than three. And the ending did seem a bit rushed which is odd given that they had to much time to work with and I thought the pace was slow throughout most of the show.


I had no trouble staying interested, but found the payoff poor and unbelievable.


Creepy--an uncle with such heavy feelings for his attractive niece. This was a very entertaining episode well worth the listen. The ending was not the strongest, but effective in the fact that the rich uncle--that Sicko--got his in the end. 4 stars.


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