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Ghost Town


In the journey to find his family, a man carjacks a lonely traveler in Death Valley. Together they drive to a ghost town to find answers.



Air Dates

  • First Run - May 31, 1976
  • Repeat - September 19, 1976





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10 Responses to Episode 0487

A woman is carjacked in Death Valley. Her abductor makes her drive to a ghost town where he hopes to find an old relative.

R. Coulapo

A school teacher researching the gold rush takes a perilous journey through Death Valley. Stopping for gas she picks up some supplies, fuel, advice, and an escaped convict who informs her that he has to find his great great grandfather in order to kill him to ensure that he will never be born. Hrmmm. (Excel is unable to resolve a circular reference)

Joey Mead

Told mostly in a flashback, and it included a flashback within that flashback. Made my head hurt.


Ralph Bell is so good here and quite chilling as the carjacker. I love the Western twang that he assumes for the role, lol!


A fairly good story, but as Joey mentions there is a circular reference that makes "wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff" (as a certain Doctor might say).


Russell Horton was the fifth actor in this episode.


This episode is worth a listen except for the poor sound quality. I found myself straining to hear it.


One of my favorite episodes. Ralph Bell is excellent- allowing the listener to both fear and sympathize with his character.


AN AWFUL episode. Ralph Bell delivers an excruciating monotone pathetically poor attempt at some coerced dialect that sent me scrambling to aid his demise-- and feeling sorry for his deceased relative. If I were his victim, I would have taken my chances walking Death Valley. DONE in an unbearable 14 minutes. Save yourself.


Having been to Death Valley several times I enjoy driving by some of the landmarks mentioned while playing this episode. Definitely one of my favorites..


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