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The Third Person


A pair of spinster cousins become the proud new owners of their ancestral manor. What they don't know is that the estate is haunted by the spirit of a deceased and nationalistic relative.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 19, 1975
  • Repeat - February 21, 1976
  • Repeat - December 8, 1979





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12 Responses to Episode 0347

Is the song they are whistling in this episode "Sweet Sue"?


The song is 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'. 'Sweet Sue' was whistled in another episode.


Two spinster cousins inherit a ancestral home with a ghost. The ghost of their long dead cousin has a most patriotic desire.

J. Bushong

The story takes place at the turn of the last century (when indoor plumbing was a luxury). The 18th-century ancestor of spinster cousins Susan & Amy, Cuthbert Frush, whistles "Yankee Doodle." ("Sweet Sue" was from "An Identical Murder.") This is the only instance I know of music playing during E.G. Marshall's remarks. (Instrumental "Yankee Doodle" after Act 1.)


I really enjoy this episode. I can so clearly see these spinster women and what they look like as they're checking out their new windfall of a home and going through the old letters they find, all tied up with "pale blue ribbon -- so sweet!" -- letters that will "provide many interesting evenings before the fireplace" I imagine the livelier one to look like the schoolteacher in "Little House on a Prairie" -- isn't that funny? But whatever she "really" looks like, she and her cousin are such delightful characters -- "delightful" being a really apt word. They're just charming, all wide-eyed and romantic, and hearing them talk evokes a sense of cosiness in me. A very gentle and fun and sweet episode, and I highly recommend it! A thought: wouldn't it be fun to get together with a nice handful of OTR fans, for all of us to be gifted artistically, to draw what we "see" when we listen to various shows -- and compare them?


An interesting story that was fun to listen to. As Tracy commented, you almost can see these ladies and how they are reacting to things. They are two of a kind as seen how easily they get along with each other and follow the (mostly) same lines of thought. A nice light-hearted supernatural episode.


Acting and voices were great! As stated, I felt they were the real characters in the room talking.

Scooter and end of the Greens

If you like the lighter stories, you'll enjoy this one. Me, I'm going to balance this out by listening to "A Horror Story" now. Anyone know the circumstances of Himan Brown hosting instead of E.G.?


Why Himan Brown replaced E.G. Marshall as host? The original run of these radio programs was in the seventies as you know with repeats in the eighties. They were on the CBS radio network. OK. Now after Mister Marshall died in 1998, the shows were re broadcast on the NPR radio network (Public Radio) beginning around the year 2000. Himan Brown reproduced the original E.G Marshall comments. Now why this happened I don't know. Maybe something in the contract, or maybe E.G. Marshall's estate demanded more money?


WMAQ Chicago is identified as broadcasting this show. In the late 1990's the station was owned by CBS Radio. From 1998 to 2000 Himan Brown and CBS revived 137 of the original Mystery Radio shows, including "The Third Person".

Jim D

Too much talking and not enough story! I personally didn't find the two old spinsters that likeable, and their obvious crush on Cousin Cuthbert is a bit pathetic, imo. I guess that considering that they don't have anything else in their lives, it's somewhat understandable, but still a bit weird. I find myself wanting to shout at these ladies to get out more and meet some new people, lol! I guess in those days, old maids pretty much stayed at home. They didn't have online dating in those days, lol! :D


I commented above that I didn't find the two old ladies very likable, but they kind of grew on me. The acting is really quite good.


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