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The Man in the Black Cap


Upon retiring to a country manor, a normally docile husband develops a split personality after receiving a mysterious visitor.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 5, 1979
  • Repeat - December 20, 1979





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11 Responses to Episode 1010

A confusing tale to be sure: A couple moves from Colorado to Eastport Harbor, Maine and buys a house that the combination sheriff/real estate agent tells them is haunted by a ghost. Trouble begins when the husband's behavior becomes erratic and the wife is confused by events that begin happening, as well as problems related to business matters left behind in Colorado. The story eventually shifts back to Colorado.

Heather F.

Interesting story, but plot was not developed very well.

Mark S

I agree with the above comments and would also add that the female voice in the story quickly becomes annoying on the ear.

Mike N

Yes, casting director couldn't have picked a worse sounding actress. I can only think of two actresses who sound worse. Carol Channing, and the actress (have to look up her name) who played the Nanny on television. The male actor was dreary too and would on a list of favorite RMT actors, be on the bottom of the list. (Which is surprising because Paul Hecht really had some top notch performances in other episodes.) The hint that this was a ghost story at the beginning fizzled out and this is the most dullest ghost story ever. Storyline also was dull and boring. To top it all off when the man in the black cap actually appeared for a minute, they had to for some strange reason irritate you some more by including the sound effect of some screeching shopping cart wheels that needed oiling. This episode is truly dreadful.


I agree. It's a horrible episode, mostly because of Carol Teitel's voice. I can barely concentrate on the plot because she is so distracting and irritating.


I kinda liked the story but they have their time zones backwards. 12 o clock Maine would not be 2o clock Colorado


Oh wow—you’re right. I can’t believe no one noticed that blunder in the script.


I find myself empathizing with the wife's husband and his annoyance with her constant nagging and whining. Carol Teitel's voice often gets on my nerves anyway, but in this episode, I hate her voice even more than usual. She makes this character one of the most unlikable characters I ever heard in the whole series, (and that includes most of the villains.) She isn't supposed to be a horrible person, but I can't stand this character!


This is an adaptation of the classic ghost story, “Afterward,” by Edith Wharton.


When it’s 2pm in Colorado it’s 4pm I’m Maine. Whoops

Georgia Bear

After reading all of the negative comments on this episode I just HAD to give it a listen. You know, it wasn’t half bad. I did not find the wife so annoying and the story was as good as many others I have listened to! Anyway to each his own. Give it a listen and YOU decide!


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