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The Wakeful Ghost


A young man visiting his family in Ireland seeks the help of a ghost and a leprechaun to get hold of the woman he loves.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 3, 1975
  • Repeat - May 24, 1975





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5 Responses to Episode 0232

This file is very muddy and difficult to listen to. An Irish American medical student takes time to look up long lost relatives in the old country. With only a postmark and a name on a letter, he arrives in the town prepared for some detective work to find these people. To his surprise he is met by a little gentleman who says he is expected and takes him off in a horse and buggy to his relatives all the while telling him tales of leprechauns and warlocks. The tale that unfolds is one of found love, insurmountable barriers to see the relationship to fruition, supernatural intervention, and happiness everafter.


This is a very fun episode to listen to. I am not sure about the muddy/difficult to listen to comment but I found it very clear and very fun. This was probably the most heart-warming, fantasy plot I have heard on CBSMT, thus far. Great acting and the regional accents were very believable. It's nice to hear a happen ending once in a while on CBSMT. This is a fun episode if you like warm and fuzzy shows. It's a hoot. I'm adding this to my listen too, again, list.


Again I agree with Nicole as it's a good episode to listen to. The accents are fairly good and the story is interesting. Perhaps on St. Patrick's Day one should listen to it again.


What a cute humorous little story! Thoroughly enjoyable!


This is a fun episode. It seems to me to be part of a trio of episodes on CBSMRT pertaining to an American traveling back to Ireland or Éire. This is the funny one, the “Death Bell” is the sad one, and the “Witching Well” is the middle of the suspense & mystery. I always thought CBSMRT was a NYC type production, especially with the Brooklyn and other associated accents. And New York is an Irish town. See “Tobia’s Palm” for a Prelude. Enjoy

Scooter D & the Purple Dragon

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