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The Death Watch


After winning a game of chance, a man gains possession of a cursed pocket watch. He is slowly consumed by the obsession to keep it wound.



Air Dates

  • First Run - November 21, 1974
  • Repeat - January 18, 1975





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9 Responses to Episode 0177

A gentleman on his way to visit his fiancé encounters inclement weather and is forced to stop at the estate of an eccentric Count who loves to gamble. His future father-in-law is also an avid gambler and in time falls into deep debt with the Count who offers to clear the debt if he will offer his daughter in marriage for the debt. He agrees but the young woman’s fiancé, a math wizard and expert in statistics and probability, gambles for her freedom in exchange for his life… the Count throws in a special watch as part of the deal.


Interesting episode. I like the Bela Lugosi accent but I think it was misplaced for this episode. I guess the Count represented a demon or other "evil" creature but it was not very clear. I wonder how many statues were on the front lawn?


This was an interesting listen. I think we all knew of the confrontation coming, but not the exact nature of it. In response to Nicole I believe E.G. says that the Count was a minor demon at the end.


I remember listening to CBSRMT when it was first aired in the early 1970’s, and I discovered it again a few years ago.


Claire Willoughby, betrothed to Charles Fleming, learns that she has been given by her father, an inept gambler, to one Count Dravanescu in payment for a gambling debt. A card shark, Fleming challenges Dravanescu to a poker game, beats him and wins back Claire. But he also accepts a gold pocket watch that must be wound by 6:00 P.M. daily, or its owner will die. Soon after, Fleming forgets to take the watch with him and realizes he can’t get to it before six.


It was an interesting story, until the Count turns into a minor demon. It reminds me of another story where a young guy turns into a demon in the episode "Stuff of Dreams" by Elspeth Eric. Both of these stories would have been much more interesting as simple psychological thrillers, rather than suddenly bringing in demons from hell. In both cases it ruined the story, imo.


An interesting episode, worth a listen for a good wins over evil. Had an interesting twist to making a deal with the devil. Missed the commercials though, I enjoy those.


Suspenseful story with a plot that hinges on the debts of honor and the prayers of a virgin. Good episode.


This was very good, until it came time to wrap it all up. The ending is horrible! Seriously, “the prayer of a virgin”? Good grief.


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