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The Reluctant Killer


A professional football player becomes disillusioned with the brutality of the game and leaves. But his wife and her mother accuse him of domestic violence and send him to prison. He comes back to avenge the injustice.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 2, 1975
  • Repeat - February 25, 1975





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11 Responses to Episode 0195

I liked the story. The only thing I couldn't figure out is why someone would be willing to kill someone over 8 months in jail. Who would risk life to pay back 2/3 of a year?


A college football star meets the woman he will marry while working at a gas station. His career is about to take off when he is drafted in the NFL and his wife and mother-in-law seem overly concerned about the money he will make. Like many other programs, this play has it's requisite betrayals.


When a pro football player tires of the violence of the game and quits, his wife and mother-in-law ruin him and send him to jail for spousal abuse. Now he's looking for revenge.

G. Moore

A truck driver tells his driving partner that he wants to get home so he can kill his wife. He then embarks on an explanation of why. As a young college football star, he was pumping gas to pay the bills. WHen a drop dead gorgeous woman pulls up in a Maserati ( can't help but think of Joe Walsh, "Life's Been Good") and steals his heart. She agrees to a date and eventually he meets her mother who approves their relationship based solely on his prospects as professional football player and wealthy sportsman. As the grind of professional sports weighs on him, stress in the relationship grows...


Nice story. I can't believe he wound up getting 1 year for battery in 1975. No prior record and a first time offender. It was so hard to convict any offenders back then. The laws were so different, especially for first offenders. Think of all the serial killers back in the 60s/70s. Many of them had priors before they were caught. Heck, some judges/prosecutors would still ask the question of a rape victim, if they enjoyed what happened to them. (Or similar question) It’s hard to believe that conviction, especially since the football player was also a "celebrity." Ah well, I actually enjoyed the outcome. There was brilliant acting all around and the actors were well-placed.


This was an enjoyable listen, even if I agree with Roger on who would kill someone for 8 months in jail (and a ruined reputation, which actually meant more back then). I also agree with Nicole that it seems unlikely that he would've gotten that sentence considering his circumstances. Oh well, still a good story to listen to even if his mother was incorrect about him killing or causing someone to be killed (although he did almost get killed I guess).


I enjoy any CBSRMT with Leon Janney in it.


Steve “Killer” Janos, an ex–professional football player, has served time for alleged wife-beating. In reality, he had only pushed her in anger when she objected to his giving up a lucrative football career (he had badly injured an opposing player). Nevertheless, she and her money-hungry mother had taken him to court. Now, on parole and able to get a truck-driving job, he vows revenge—even murder.


Fun story! Very “film noire”, with a femme fatale and a mothercto match!


A good listen, wronged man by a beautiful greedy woman and wicked mother in law. The man would be carrying a conviction when he was innocent. With the wrongful prison sentence he festered with revenge, but luckily the wife and his friend get their just rewards and he can move on. Until next time B-)


I am really enjoying going through these episodes each evening. In this show, a football player is warned by his beloved Mother (with gypsy heritage) to be careful with his uncontrollable strength. Unfortunately for him, he falls in love (deeply madly) for a gold digger. When at last he follows his Mother's advice, his fate turns. For better or worse? Listen and find out!


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