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Sleepy Village


A college professor and his wife retire to Sleepy Village to find some peace and quiet so he can finish his book. But before they can settle down, the village inhabitants will test if they are in the 'right state of mind'.



Air Dates

  • First Run - January 23, 1975
  • Repeat - April 2, 1975
  • Repeat - July 11, 1980





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31 Responses to Episode 0210

This is one of the classics of the cbsrmt. As we are drawn deeper into the story, we begin to realize that things are not quite right in this village. Though one can guess the general direction there are still surprises in the twist ending. One is left with a sense of amazement and the feeling that such villages may exist somewhere. Spooky and great, and one of my favorites from back in the day.


I agree with Fred that this is a classic. There's something about the idea of a past still being alive and calling to us that is both apealing and disturbing. Given that E.G. is a voice that's past makes it all the more unsettling as he invites us back at the end. Like a dream in a dream! lol


Kind of an "Our Town" meets Jim Jones or David Koresh with a little "Poltergeist" thrown in. Cults always give me the creeps, this one is well played out.

Mike in Grand Rapids

The Sleepy Village is a well told tale of the familiar "trapped in a town" theme. It's extremely well written and with the addition of some excellent acting, this program is well worth a listen.

Joseph Dennis Gonzales

There is a "trapped town" episode of the original Twilight Zone that is also excellent.

Christine K Brouwer

A couple seeking to leave behind the stress of big city life come upon a small backroad town that seems the ideal place for an early retirement...until they discover that the residents of Sleepy Village share a bizzare secret. This is a great episode, reminiscent of the hour-long episode "VALLEY OF THE SHADOW" from the original Twilight Zone tv series. The writing and performances are excellent and the story really pulls you in. Genre: Suspense/Occult

Hannibal Jr.

THIS is one of those perfect little ghost stories that made all the late nights listening to the radio worth while!! A couple, seeking a quieter life in the country, stumble across the tiny village of Sleepy Village. The name reflects what it is they’re seeking and they enter asking the old timers outside where to find the real estate office. They are directed to the town hall and the mayor. He is a kindly and welcoming man and agrees to talk to them about the possibility of moving to his quiet town. It isn’t as easy as just purchasing a house and moving in… they must be the right kind of people, they must be prepared to stay for a long time, they must appear before the town fathers for review. It all seems a little much, but they go through with it. All the while, the mayor’s live-in manservant seeks quiet conferences with them to plead that they take him with them if they are not chosen to stay. There is something very strange about this little town.

Freddy Jr.

Norman Rose is my favorite RMT cast member.

James Brian F.

This is a good example of RMT at its best. A fun little ghost story. The setting is perfectly executed. The mental image of the remote, hidden-away village is perfectly conveyed. And strong performances by two of RMT's best--Norman Rose and Court Benson. I know some people have said they're not crazy with Court Benson, but I've always enjoyed his performances -- from Dr. Watson (Several times), to an Indian servant ("The Love God") to a psychiatrist ("Fallen Angel") and everything in between. I think he is very accessible. The ending is also a fine example of typical RMT. Quick, twist ending with eerie overtones-- just enought to send a shiver or two down the spine. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


Alright. Nice one! Very interesting ending with the graveyard bit.

Ross Antonel

Wow, did I feel bad for poor old Lucas.


Listened to this one not expecting much. But was very pleasantly surprised. By start of Act II I had no idea how this story was going to unfold, and indeed got wrapped up in how it would end. Found it pretty satisfying indeed.


Wow. Nice and creepy. The dead seeking/calling to the living to join the dead. That's a nice twist. I guess they still have room in the cemetery.


Great story! Loved this one!


A terrific episode that reminds me of "The Summer People". Although I can't recall the title, another edition of CBSRMT involves a couple that is stranded in a town after a car accident which is somewhat similar to "Sleepy Village".


Daniel, the name of the episode is The Tourist Trap where a couple get stranded in a strange town after a car accident.

Gemini lady Jackson

Certainly a good listen and a good story. I didn't think you could figure out much of it from the beginning, but as the story progressed some of the truth could be gleaned. I guess Lucas was lured there like the couple was, but if Lucas and the mayor were still there, what happened to the couple that had last stopped by?


One of my favorites. Poor Lucas, so close yet so far.


Last night I listened to a marvelous episode entitled 'The Sleepy Village' I loved it... so much so I dreamt about it after I fell asleep smile emoticon Definitely worth a listen!!!


That's one of my favorite episodes.


I love Martha Greenhouse in that episode.


I loved it... so much so I dreamt about it after I fell asleep smile emoticon Definitely worth a listen!!!


That's one of my favorite episodes.


Sleepy Village is my favorite.


Good one for a day of change

Scooter D and last greens

I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. I give Fielden Farrington credit for writing a Fantasy-Mystery. However, in the middle of the Prologue where the 2 main characters mention “Ghost Town,” it gave away the shocking twist. Fielden Farrington wrote the surprising ending at the very beginning. It’s even written in the episode’s synopsis of the CBSRMT Episode Guide Book. This story has a good title, but another way to title it would be “Candidates For Death.” The music was wonderful with its pleasant melodies in ACT-1, suspenseful tracks in ACT-2, and intensifying tunes in ACT-3. The sound effects, not that many in this one. ACT-1 had sounds of the suitcase being closed shut, car engine, birds chirping, doors, tableware clinking, footsteps, and pouring of the coffee. ACT-2, nothing but a door sound. In ACT-3, birds and howling wind. And since this story takes place in a town, surely there would’ve been background noises of the residents murmuring through the community streets or something. Anyway, let’s get to the good parts; like the Host. In E.G. Marshall’s Prologue, he discusses the concept of “Fantasy” and introduces us to our 2 main characters in search for a new place to live in New England. In ACT-1, our Host finds it odd that our characters, in a mysterious town in Vermont, have to go through rare qualifications to buy a house. In ACT-2, he points out that people who wish to escape the city life is common. In ACT-3, he states that one of Man’s pre-occupations has been life after death. In the end, our heroes found no village anymore, just a graveyard. In the Epilogue, E.G. Marshall informs the listeners that the characters ended up finding a colonial house in Connecticut. And the last good part in this, was our cast: Norman Rose (as Ralph Albertson), Martha Greenhouse (as Wilma Albertson), Court Benson (as Mayor Ellis Perkins), and Ken Harvey (as Lucas Madison). All 4 of them stole the show. Each played their parts to a T. My favorite part was when Norman Rose says, “Angry?!? You don’t know the half of it!” at the 30-minute 42-second mark. I enjoyed it because it sounded like Norman Rose could relate to his character, putting himself in Ralph Albertson’s shoes of how preposterous it is to escape from Sleepy Village. This is a decent ghost story and CBSRMT fans should check it out. Also, check out Fielden Farrington’s other works, such as #0278-RETURN TO SHADOW LAKE, #0325-THE MASTER COMPUTER, and #0549-THE COLONY. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


This is one of my all-time, favorite episodes; I could just feel for the couple...and, of course, poor Lucas!


I would have given the script a 4, but to each his own. This episode is fantastic, and if I were to keep a running record of my favorite episodes (which I wish that I did), this one would be on the top five.


A very well written radio play with mega suspense. Quite a ghost town in the literal sense. Sleepy appropriately named village, c'ing that the residents are already dead who many a time are referred 2 as "sleeping". Lucas wanted to leave &, in a way, was finally able to & finally ended up getting the rest he was "dying" for(LOL). On a scale of 10, I give a 9.5.

Tweety from Amsterdam/NY

First whoever Russell is, great review! Second, this is definitely a top 10 of CBSRMT! Really catches you and draws you in, you won't be sleeping thru this one. Enjoyed the news and commercials as well. Thank you E. G. for this call back in time! Sleep well, until next time!


Sleepy Village is one of my favorite episodes of Mystery Theater.

Gemini lady Jackson

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