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Legacy of Guilt


After moving an antique piece down from the attic, a pregnant woman becomes plagued with ghostly visits. Soon, the spectre reveals a horrifying tale about the house's previous owner's and implores the woman to help her recover her lost child.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 11, 1980
  • Repeat - October 2, 1980





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8 Responses to Episode 1093

creepy old houses, remanents of peoples pasts, and the discovery's of "hidden" walls and spaces, always good for a good "mystery. anyways i figured i'd share how i listen ti my many story's, besides my ipod nano 3g.... i have 4 hard drives on racks, i switch ubuntu, one mepis 7, one xp pro, one windows enterprise server 2003. mepis is my favorites.....and with my new 22 inch wide screen,lots of real estate.

J. Cassidy

You just never know what lurks in those Nooks, cranies and hidden passage ways now do you? Great quality on this one!


One of the things I enjoy about this website is running across quality episodes that I have never been exposed to. "Legacy of Guilt" is a good ghost story (I wonder how many RMT's dealt with ghosts). I always enjoy the actor who portrayed the husband. The pacing was good and I enjoyed the use of the mirror. I was reminded of the RMT which starred Tony Roberts in which a mirror forms a portal used by a creature that kills some young women. I thought this show was going to end with the wife being "imprisoned" in the mirror, switching places with the ghost.


Great show this week I love shows about old creepy houses!


Was that Russell Horton playing dual roles?


Listened to these shows as a teenager! Love them! This one is oneof the best!


Can anyone tell me the name of the episode where a married couple traveled through time through a mirror to warn us about the future. This is my favorite episode and I don’t know what the title is.

Ralph Parczany

I believe the episode you were looking for is number 0258 Called Through The Looking Glass

Susan Wright

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