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The Death Wish


While meditating, a highly stressed businessman has visions of his wife's infidelity. During these "rhapsodic" episodes, he is also hounded by an ethereal beauty that convinces him to step into another dimension to be with her.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 19, 1980
  • Repeat - July 3, 1980





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6 Responses to Episode 1069

Episode 1069 and 0224 are both titled "The Death Wish", however they are uniquely different stories, not duplicates.

Mark Main

Man! Ralph Bell plays the grumpiest grumpalumpagus I ever did hear of! LOL He's got this whine in his voice throughout that made me want to spank him and put him to bed without any gruel. Waaaah! Waaaah! Waaaah! But it's CBSRMT; how bad could it possibly be?


Too funny,Tracy. I am used to him being evil not grumpy!


An odd episode. This one was not a fave of mine. I love Ian Martin’s writing so I went to pick out programs that he had written that had a lot of Thumbs Up. It sounded like it might be a good one but I didn’t like it. I love Ralph Bell too but not in this episode. Funny how different people’s opinions are ! Better luck with the next one for me I hope🍀


Ralph Bell did a pretty good performance playing a hot tempered man driven around the bend. Even at the cost that the listeners hate him and so nobody picks this episode as their favorite. Carol Teitel was also good at playing the annoying wife that drives you around the bend. But then every Carol Teitel performance drives me around the bend even when it wasn't intended in the script.


Ralph Bell always, IMO, delivers a superb performance, and his performance here is no exception. Not at all relating to some of the above listeners, because I find Mr. Bell’s voice and delivery quite compelling.


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