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It's Hell to Pay the Piper


When his landlord suddenly drops dead in the middle of paying his rent, a man must convince the proprietor's son that he settled his dues indeed.



Air Dates

  • First Run - October 31, 1975
  • Repeat - April 17, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0372

One thing that fortunately doesn't happen to me very often when I listen to CBSRMT programs is the inability to understand from the outset of a program what is happening and who the players are. This is a program where I had problems getting "into it". But, there was a point at which I finally seemed to grasp what was happening. I'll confess that I had to listen to the first 10 minutes of the program again to zero in on the story but from there it was smooth sailing. This story happens in the 1700's in Scotland and is tied to witchcraft and Halloween. It is an adaptation of a Sir Walter Scott classic tale. A man without many means owes a great deal of rent to a local landlord who taxes those who live around him. He eventually borrows the money to pay and goes to the castle with cash in hand. He hands over the payment but the landowner dies on the spot, and before he gives him a receipt. In the ensuing confusion, the money disappears and now the man has a real problem - he has no proof that payment was ever made. The dead landowner's son takes charge and he too demands payment.

F. Langley

A man tries to pay his rent; while doing so, his landlord dies, not giving him a receipt. When the landlord's son takes over the properties, our hero can't prove he paid his rent and faces eviction and dishonor.

Lester B.

Adapted from a Sir Walter Scott story by Ian Martin, and stars Ian Martin. Great job with the Scottish accent, other actors struggle with it. A Scotsman falls behind on his rent to the lord, who is cranky, and suffers from the gout. Finally raising the required sum, he presents it to the king only to see him perish of his afflictions before issuing a receipt. To what lengths will he go to prove payment? A fun episode.


"Wandering Willie's Tale" from the novel Redgauntlet.

Emmy Debeterbo

This was definitely a fun episode to listen to and the ending was definitely worth waiting to hear (from E.G.'s excerpt at the end, too). Was it the supernatural or just an alcoholic haze? It's up to us to decide.


This was a very fun and chilling episode. I actually stopped working to listen, I am normally not distracted by CBSM shows when I'm listening and working. The rating is sad as this show is certainly worth your time.


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