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You're Better Off Guilty


When the body of a renowned actress is discovered by a plain and unexceptional stock broker, he finds himself at the center of the investigation. He feels strangely elated to be considered the prime suspect in the case.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 19, 1979
  • Repeat - January 1, 1980





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3 Responses to Episode 1014

A nerdy little goober who works as a clerk in a brokerage house finds the body of a famous young female singer early one morning while walking to work. The police aren't sure if he is a suspect or a witness - which is further confounded by his behavior. In the end ... well, see the title.

Gemini Jacobs

You’re Better Off Guilty is an odd story that moves very slowly, yet also jumps incoherently as the protagonist is pushed through Sam Dann’s drama in an artificially and non-believable way. There are interesting overtones that relate to a strange effect in today’s society where everyday individuals can be suddenly made famous through notoriety; some perhaps even preferring to be regarded negatively by the public than live in normal anonymity. As a prolific writer, Dann’s stories span a spectrum of quality from spectacular to mundane. A combination of empty dialogue and a lack of interest by the listener in what happens to the characters makes Better Off an episode you could pass on. One bright spot is Himan Brown’s portrayal as a reporter. I give the episode 1 star out of 5. JUROR #4.


I absolutely love this episode. The dialogue has such a "Woody Allen" feel to it as it explores the psychology behind suspicion, and the human behavior to which it might lead.

Wendy Lambert

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