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Child of Fate


Threatened by the entrance of new and real-life companions, a child's imaginary friend manifests and attacks them in a battle to exist beyond their make-believe world.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 24, 1976
  • Repeat - October 6, 1976





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8 Responses to Episode 0494

A really good story.Very nice to listen to-fine acting.

Michel David

An adolescent's "imaginary" friend fights for survival by attacking her new "real" friends.

Joey Mead

A wealthy family living a reclusive life in a remote area have only two servants to tend the house and the grounds. Their daughter was home-schooled and to ward off the loneliness has invented an imaginary friend. After her mother dies, her father hires a governess / companion for her hoping that this new relationship will enrich her life such that her imaginary friend is no longer needed, especially as she is 15 years old.

Anna Marie

I like Child of Fate very much.


How dare she dump Gareld!!!!!!


Just kicking back and listening the this gem. The daughter's name is Halycon. Time to cash a bowl! With Gerald!

Max Planck and the What Nots

The people all had such lovely voices in this episode. It made listening a pleasure. The story was haunting and wistful, with a touch of panic at times.


A pretty good story - was it a drama or a supernatural story, or a combination of both? I have my thoughts on it, especially since Elspeth Eric wrote it. It's a nice listen.


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