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Child of Fate


Threatened by the entrance of new and real-life companions, a child's imaginary friend manifests and attacks them in a battle to exist beyond their make-believe world.



Air Dates

  • First Run - June 24, 1976
  • Repeat - October 6, 1976





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13 Responses to Episode 0494

A really good story.Very nice to listen to-fine acting.

Michel David

An adolescent's "imaginary" friend fights for survival by attacking her new "real" friends.

Joey Mead

A wealthy family living a reclusive life in a remote area have only two servants to tend the house and the grounds. Their daughter was home-schooled and to ward off the loneliness has invented an imaginary friend. After her mother dies, her father hires a governess / companion for her hoping that this new relationship will enrich her life such that her imaginary friend is no longer needed, especially as she is 15 years old.

Anna Marie

I like Child of Fate very much.


How dare she dump Gareld!!!!!!


Just kicking back and listening the this gem. The daughter's name is Halycon. Time to cash a bowl! With Gerald!

Max Planck and the What Nots

The people all had such lovely voices in this episode. It made listening a pleasure. The story was haunting and wistful, with a touch of panic at times.


A pretty good story - was it a drama or a supernatural story, or a combination of both? I have my thoughts on it, especially since Elspeth Eric wrote it. It's a nice listen.


I rate this episode ★★★★★ for EXCELLENT. Not just because I'm a big fan of Jada Rowland, but it's also because of the Script. An entrancing tale, written by Elspeth Eric, where fantasy intervenes with reality. Chilling to hear the main character give out a physical description of her imaginary friend: Gerald. It would've been bone-chilling if Gerald actually came to life in front of them and had a voice. This Drama-Mystery should've turned into a feature film. "Child of Fate" is a good title, another way to this would be "Wild Playmate" or "Gerald: Friend or Fiend?" In E.G. Marshall's Prologue, his topic is about companionship. In ACT-1, his dark narration for those that crave for Peace of Mind. In ACT-2, another dark narration where he says, "If we really wish to change this wicked world, we would begin by changing ourselves." In ACT-3, after revealing a pleasant Climax, E.G. Marshall narrates a pleasant Resolution for our main characters. In his Epilogue, one last dark narration about setting people free from their imagination by accepting their dreams as true facts until it has outlived its usefulness and the Dreamer awakens. Dark narratives, yet compelling to speak about. Sound effects of water splashing, birds chirping, howling wind, door ringing, footsteps, tree branches breaking, sawing off branches, lawn motor running, hammering, and the diving board were exquisite. The music tracks, with its dramatic and spellbinding tunes together, were marvelous. And the marvelous part off all, was the cast: Jada Rowland (as Halcyon Trent), Ann Williams (as Violet Tarcher), Guy Sorel (as James Trent), and Ken Harvey (as Daniel). Both Guy Sorel & Ken Harvey were wonderful in their parts. Ann Williams was outstanding in her role as the Governess. But Jada Rowland stole the show, especially with her monologue segments when she spoke to her imaginary friend. Captivating performance! Loved it as much as her performances in #0417-THE RED FRISBEE, #0790-A MESSAGE FROM SPACE, and my personal favorite #0736-THE THERAPEUTIC CAT (also written by Elspeth Eric.) I recommend this episode to all that enjoy Jada Rowland's work and/or enjoys tales of fantasy mixed in with reality. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =^D


This is one of the few Elspeth Eric episodes I truly love. This one was very nice, and very well acted by the performers. I think because of the girl's name, "Halcyon Days" might have been the best title, to capture the peaceful time in a young girl's life, where she lived in a happy fantasy world. The story could have been better if we had somehow actually been shown that 'Gerald' was actually a little ghost and was real. That would have added more depth and drama to the story. Instead, the listener is left wondering if he was just a lonely girl's imaginary companion, or whether the little boy is actually real. Also, in the scene where Miss Trent falls from the tree branch and Halcyon says that "Gerald did it", I was surprised that they didn't worry that it was actually Halcyon who had done it. Nobody even thought of that, which was odd. I think in real life, the girl would have been accused, lol! (Maybe fantasy is better than real life, lol!) I liked the ending, especially the music. That is such a beautiful melody at the end. I wish they had used it more often, (although I have heard the theme in a few other episodes). It was perfect music for the end of this episode.


Oops, I meant to say Miss Tarcher, lol! (I'm not sure if that is how you spell her last name.)


"Violet Tarcher" is not 27 years old. She sounds 37 or older. However, the acting in this episode is tops. "Haycyon's" situation reminded me of the Brontë sisters' isolation and the creativeness it inspired in them.

Vicky Hernandez

Very good story about the coming of age of a child who grew up isolated from the world outside of her home. The 'family' ignored her imaginary friend, only discussing among themselves their hopes he would just go away. Violet, by communicating/interacting directly with Haycyon, was able to provide that missing piece of social interaction required for a healthy passing to adulthood that her imaginary friend was struggling to provide.


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