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The Pretend Person


A woman recovering from open heart surgery has imaginary friends who help her face the multiple crises she is confronted with in her life.



Air Dates

  • First Run - March 27, 1978
  • Repeat - August 26, 1978





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6 Responses to Episode 0805

"The Pretend Person" - is that an uncredited Himan Brown as the boss calling her on the phone? Sure sounds like him!


A woman who has open heart surgery has an imaginary friends that help her deal with the various crises in her life as she recovers.

Marianne R.

A great example of how these stories can uncover some of the hidden sadness in the human experience, and then turn it around to end hopeful. Wonderful!


I love the conversation with her husband. Especially her line "Is her thermostat in good working order?".

Steve Bergman

This is a bitter sweet story. Glad it ended as it did as we don't all get second chances


This story could be about a lady that has schizophrenia. Someone who's unable to distinguish fantasy from reality's what this story made me think of. I knew a guy like that. I lived in a rooming house on the 2nd level with this other guy who's name was Mark, we were the only tenants living on the 2nd floor at the time even though there were some vacant rooms. 1 day I heard Mark walking in the passageway & he was talking with someone but I knew there was no 1 else in the building at the time, let alone the 2nd floor. Again.....he was speaking with someone but getting no replies to his statements or answers to his questions.....that I could hear, anyway. More tenants came to live & we all complained about mark to the landlord, whose name was Willie, & eventually Willie had to evict Mark because he was being a nuisance & did some damage to the place from putting his fist through the wall. Anybody ever notice that the background music is also used on the late Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone? This was an intriguing story to say the least. Teri Keane sounds so seductive/soothing when she speaks in the radio plays. 


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