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The Rainbow Man


A con-artist snake oil salesman helps a young couple who want expose the corrupt police force and marry one another.



Air Dates

  • First Run - September 21, 1976
  • Repeat - December 18, 1976





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6 Responses to Episode 0522

A snake oil pedaler and part time con-artists uses his skills to help a young couple who want to marry and to expose a corrupt sheriff.

Litz Bermal

This was a decent episode. Reminded me a little of the "Flim-flam Man" movie with George C. Scott. Plot was entertaining.


Annoying cat sounds and accents (poor Jada, who I assume was forced to perform that way). Audio is not the greatest but is reasonably clear.


When Doc Meriweather, known as the Rainbow Man, hears how Hank lost his small fortune gambling and now stands to lose the woman he loves to card shark Champ Rutledge, he vows to end the gambler’s threat to the whole town. With Hank as his shill in a minor betting scheme, Doc works his way into a card game with Champ, where the stakes of which include not only the control of the town but also the gamblers’ lives.


I’ll match you, and raise a thousand! Hold on to your hats, and hide your derringers! Ralph Bell is in the House!!!

Scooter D & the last of the Greens

Smartly written episode with some witty banter. "It's a lovely world, you know. If we just leave it that way.". A good story with a cat named Mrs. Moonlight, lost loves, and slight of hand. Reminds of a chapter from an old Tom Robbins novel. Enjoy.


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