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Catch a Falling Star


Out of charity, residents of a small town bring their needlework requirements to a crazed seamstress. Chaos and hilarity ensues when she insists on creating the gown of a young bride-to-be.



Air Dates

  • First Run - July 25, 1979
  • Repeat - November 27, 1979





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13 Responses to Episode 1000

One thousand. That's a lot of episodes. I started listening about Thanksgiving. Its not really 1,000 though, there were a few episodes I just couldn't hear good enough to make out the whole plot. Maybe with a good equalizer I could hear it better. Here's a partial list of hard to hear ones:508,532,545,664,811,892,894,936,995,999,and episode 869 only went through act two. Still ya gotta love it.I think the work put into this was a gargantuan task. Also, I now have a bottle of brandy in the house, seems to work for any occasion.

Randy McLeod

brought a tear to my eye! a beautiful ending. Randy, I have a bottle of baileys!




Wonderful episode of a family's true compassion - well acted and scripted. A top ten for me

Peter Kapelke

RANDY MCLEOD: Congrats on your 1,000 episode Listen! Very Few can say they have heard 1,000! So, Now Please Share your CBS Radio Mystery Theater Favorites Episodes List!!! My Favorite Episodes List is on the Comments Section of my fave Episode "Return to Shadow Lake". I have updated my list there several times, and others have shared theirs there. Please Post your Favorite List there!!!! Look forward to hearing your Favorites!


I rate this episode ★★★★☆ for GOOD. Nancy Moore’s Drama-Mystery was spellbinding, but also predictable. It was predictable that Miss Mamie, the amateur seamstress filled with delusional happiness, would botch up a wedding dress and make it just for herself to live out her fantasy. On the other hand, it was spellbinding on how sympathetic the Browning Family was to her and a soothing ending it was. The title works, but another way to this would be “Fugitive From The Real World” or “Miss Mamie: The Wilted Flower.” In our Host’s Prologue, E.G. Marshall asks how many of us live a fantasy life (Hinting we’re about to embark on a story where Realty & Fantasy will be interweaving). In ACT-1, know our main character: Miss Mamie: the seamstress in her late 70’s. But also point out that dreams transform into nightmares and a confused mind transforms into a possessed mind. In ACT-2, knowing that the fantasy is intertwining with reality, Miss Mamie’s got stardust in her eyes. In ACT-3, quoting the British Poet John Donne’s song: “Go and catch a falling star.” In his Epilogue, E.G. Marshall summarizes the Resolution on the Wedding and the aftermath of Miss Mamie. Our Host’s narrations were obliging. The sound effects of birds chirping, doorbell, footsteps, and town bell ringing were good, but many were repeated in every Act. The music was delightful and thought-provoking, especially the tunes during Grace Browning’s narrations. And this cast was also delightful: Carol Teitel (as Miss Mamie), Ralph Bell (as David Browning), Teri Keane (as Grace Browning), and Kathleen Quinlan (as Hallie Browning). Carol Teitel’s performance was marvelous as her performance in #0921-THE GREY SLAPPER. Both Ralph Bell and Teri Keane are top-notch terrific in their roles. The way Teri Keane pauses in mid-sentence and scoffs at the 33:16 mark was good, like the actress felt exactly what the characters were going through. Kathleen Quinlan was splendid in her role as the daughter. It’s too bad that she only did 2 episodes for CBSRMT. This one and #0971-RING OF EVIL. All in all, it’s still an entertaining mystery that everyone should check out. Until next time…pleasant dreams. =0)


I liked it. Sad in a way but happy too.


A very sweet and sad story that was extremely well done ! The voice actors were excellent, along with the music and the commentary by E.G. Marshall. Well worth your time to listen.


Sad but nice ending.


I have been listening, sometimes several episodes a day, for a year now... I was surprised how touching & sweet this episode was.

Cindy Caldwell

I, too listen to sometimes up to several episodes a day too! They’re just so entertaining & I get so caught up in them! I feel like I’m actually there & can picture the actual characters, the rooms, the clothing, just about everything! It will be a sad day when I’ve listened to all of them! I wish I had started them in order, starting w/ number one, but, instead... I skipped around... so now, I hafta depend on my brain to remember the episode names..or, play a lil bit of it to see if I remember it after a moment or two. Thankfully, they come rite back to me! I have my favorites which I then share w/my family &/or friends! It’s easy to become very attached to CBSMT!


Such a heartfelt story. Well worth listening to again.


I have been listening to CBS Radio Theater on and off since I was 15 and I am amazed that when I give an episode I didn't like a second try, It takes on a different depth and delight.


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