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Dead Man's Mountain


An architect with a strange passion to create a cursed mountain. Any who attempt to climb it lose their beloved



Air Dates

  • First Run - February 10, 1974
  • Repeat - April 27, 1974
  • Repeat - February 18, 1979





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15 Responses to Episode 0035

If you really think about it, that mountain is unspeakably evil. If you go up it, you lose the thing most important to you...which might mean somebody else dies!! You have to wonder how the road to the top is maintained.


The road is maintained by those with a clear conscience, of course! This is a good one, if a bit predictable. The episode synopsis isn\'t quite accurate, though. Supernatural evil pitted against a naive mortal.


A ruthless businessman buys out a town, which includes a mountain which carries a legend that anyone who climbs it will lose whatever means the most to them. He sends on a scouting mission his assistant, a 35-year-old who cherishes life. When he returns looking like a 75-year-old man, the tycoon decides to check it out himself. A real strange morality play that I liked for the most part.


A greedy and cold businessman has plans to develop a beautiful mountain area. He sends one of his associates on a recon trip only to find the man greatly aged upon his return.


The powerful will of a billionaire business man vs. an ancient Indian spirit. Really no contest!

Shermae G.

A developer wants to develop a cursed mountain. Everyone who climbs the mountain loses what they love the most

Jacklyn Jose

Foolish and sappy at times

Tony Rose D.

A fabulously wealthy businessman wants to develop a mountain that is purported to be cursed. The nature of the curse is such that anyone who goes up the mountain is destroyed by his or her own guilty conscience. Is it just coincidence? Is it real? Is it fate?


I liked the comment about how the road is maintained by people with a clear conscience. Is there really that many people like that all working on road maintenance? I also like Bryna's question at the end about what she may have lost, but then she would have to ask herself about what she valued most.


Enjoyed listening to the news at the beginning of this show. The Patty Hearst kidnapping, strife in the middle east, Watergate, and the energy crisis were the big stories back when I was just 3 years old.

Joe Mama

I love hearing the commercials and the news reports.

Fabby K

Great story and fun to listen to a second and third time. Props to William Redfield as the doctor who stays lighthearted in the face of the inexplicable. As for that road being mysteriously built and maintained...if you had a crew of Mother Teresa's followers...could be done...

Mike Mac

I LOVE the stories that have retained the news items and commercials! True blast from the past!


One of the world’s wealthiest men, determined to build a resort on Mount Manitou in the Adirondacks, is aghast to see his young aide, Morrisey, return from the mountain as a feeble seventy year old. Unwilling to believe the mountain is haunted, R.J. Johnson travels to a nearby village whose residents, opposed to construction of the resort, tell him that anyone who goes up the mountain will die—if his conscience is not perfectly clear


How could R. J. Johnson have died? Forty-two years later, he got elected President of the United States...


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