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On board a commercial flight to accompany a woman extradited for skipping bail on her husband's murder earnestly protests her guilt. When he notices several inconsistencies in the evidence presented, he begins to believer her.



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  • First Run - March 8, 1982
  • Repeat - May 20, 1982





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13 Responses to Episode 1299

Interesting twist ending.


This is one of those episodes which could easily be turned into a movie--a movie with a powerful story. Teri Keane did a great job as the lead power lady. Victoria Dann wrote the episode--I've yet to hear any of her work and wonder if she is related to Sam Dann who has written a number of episodes. I would highly recommend listening to this episode.

Davy Joe

A female detective who is aboard a commercial flight to accompany a woman extradited for skipping bail on her husband's murder notices several inconsistencies in the evidence presented. Despite being told to pretty much mind her own business, the detective looks further into the story.

gina schackel

The Colt 45 commercials are the best of course!


Who wrote the plot summary here? The detective is female. Are there any other stories with Detective Weston? This was a really good story.


The writer is Sam Dann’s daughter, Victoria.


The episodes that still include the news and commercials are my absolute favorites!! I was thrilled to hear the post-show news hegin, then saddened when it was cut short. I hope it's because the original recording ended then and not because it was edited that way more recently; I think it would be a shame to have history is being destroyed.


Better than 3 stars, but not quite a 4 star. A very good-average listenable non-spooky CBSRMT episode.

Johe Collaget

Very good episode. Didn’t see the ending coming. Well done.


Actor Keir Dullea also appeared in this episode.


@Anastasia, So Victoria Dann is Sam Dann's daughter? Do you know for sure? I always wondered if they were related. How cool that his daughter wrote scripts too, just like her father!


@Amy, Yes they are Father and Daughter. How I know this is I've known Sam for Years and it's His Daughter. Happy listening EVERYONE.


I wonder if Victoria Dann ever checks in here. That would be fun.

Steve Edward Gadomski

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